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Staffing of Mayor’s Office

steve aus chron(Community Matters) Proud of Mayor Steve Adler for floating a strawman then responding quickly and responsibly to public & colleagues’ input. As a result, the Mayor has pulled off the table the idea of raising civic funds through a foundation. Instead, he and the City Manager have identified unfilled and already funded City of Austin positions which can transfer to the Mayor’s office.

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Austin Way Magazine

(Community Matters) okay . . . definite risk of over exposure, and still . . . also very flattered to be profiled with my husband in the new issue of Austin Way Magazine. 

es st austin way mag

the article says I helped introduce Mayor Castro to President Obama. Should have said I met Mayor Castro while seeing him on behalf of the President.

The End Game Isn’t Constitutional Equality

11001817_10152694275758587_575975383803057530_n(Community Matters) Extraordinary honor being recognized by HRC for the work we do together in this community. Receiving an award in honor of Bettie Naylor is especially delightful. Following in this honor such dear friends as Gary Cooper & Richard Hartgrove and Alisa Weldon & Lynn Yedell all the more meaningful. And Mayor Adler proclaiming February 21, 2015 Eugene Sepulveda & Steven Tomlinson Day, well . . . that’s just a cherry on top.

There were two very restless, near sleepless nights leading up to yesterday. What birthed is my realization that the end game isn’t just constitutional equality (as I’ve always thought); it is for every transgender, gay, lesbian and bisexual American in every nook & cranny of this country to be safe, to not fear others finding out who they really are or who they love.

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Loved sharing the evening in the J. W. Marriott ballroom full of so many friends – at our table: Cari Anderson & Tish Smith, Suzanne Deal Booth, Congressman Joaquin Castro, Charles Duggan, Diane Land & Mayor Steve Adler, Cameron Lockley and Kimberley Wilson Vincent. What a treat that Senator Kirk Watson emceed and Aimee & Ed Cunningham presented; they’ve each inspired and engaged us in the work of equality & social equity. . . and very dear friends including: Michael Mitchell, Judge James Arth, Sarah Goodfriend & Suzanne Bryant and Michael Barnes & Kip Keller. (Lynn Meredith wasn’t in the room but I received a text from S. America during the event and felt her & Tommie with us in spirit!)

How lucky am I to share this life with such an extraordinary man who loves, empowers & inspires me. I love you Steven Robert Tomlinson. 

Marriage Equality a step closer in Texas

(Community Matters) First same sex marriage in Texas and it’s between two dear friends (Sarah Goodfriend & Suzanne Bryant) and our dearest friend Michael Mitchell issued the license!

sarah suzanne mm

Austin American Statesman story

Adler gives up on foundation funding for office staff

steve aus chron(Community Matters) It Pays to Have a Leader with the Nimbleness & Commitment to Innovation of an Entrepreneur: Reminds me of our best entrepreneurs – they’ll throw out a strawdog for comment and reply, then emerge with the best plan. About time we stir things up and try new ways in Austin, Tx. 

“I’ll be asking for three to five FTE’s [full-time equivalent employees] for rest of fiscal year that the City Manager says are available in the existing budget (at no additional new cost to taxpayers),” he texted.

(Austin Monitor: Friday, Feb 20): After hearing strong opposition from his colleagues as well as others, Mayor Steve Adler is proposing a complete revamp of his plan for additional staffing in the Mayor’s office.

Adler told the Austin Monitor Thursday that he would be pulling down his proposal to fund additional staff for the Mayor’s office through the Better Austin Foundation. Adler said he expects to have a total of nine staff members. He currently has four on his staff plus Sara Hartley, who is on loan from the public information office.

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L Style G Style

(Community Matters) incredibly flattered by this write up

l style g style 2015

story here

2011 profile here – Deep Connection

ES ST L Style G Style Deep Connection



abu_ghraib(Community Matters)  I was just struck by the question – has the American treatment of Muslim prisoners (water boarding, simulated sodomy & other atrocities) contributed to the spiraling atrocities we are seeing today?

Unpacking Corporate Purpose

(Community Matters) Such an encouraging trend to see more & more CEOs recognizing the primacy of customer, employee and community interests right up there with those of shareholders. I believe this is in the long term beneficial interests of shareholders anyhow.

Unpacking Corporate Purpose: A Report on the Beliefs of Executives, Investors and Scholars (Aspen Institute)


54th Birthday

(Community Matters) It’s long been a tradition to celebrate my birthday with Tana Christie (& Margaret & Robert & Milinda when we can). Last year and this year, that’s meant celebrating in Santa Barbara – what a treat. Last year Michael Mitchell joined us. This year Paula Cramer & Warren happened to be in town (from Philadelphia). Joe was there the first night but had to travel the rest.

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Why Amazon Has No Profits (And Why It Works)

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 4.37(Community Matters)

Enlightening article on Amazon, Why Amazon Has No Profits (And Why It Works) by Benedict Evans.

With the growth of ecommerce to overall retail sales and the favorability of who buys online, I’m liking Bezos bets and thinking Amazon’s success less cyclical than brick & mortar retailers. (good summary on demographics of US online buyers,The Surprising Facts About Who Shops Online And On Mobile).

Hat Tip: Brett Hurt

Czar Putin’s Next Moves

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 5.53(Community Matters) Thomas Friedman’s column – Czar Putin’s Next Moves. I spent a lot of time in the Baltics in the 90s, especially in Riga, Latvia. Witnessed first hand the strife between Latvians and Russian nationals. Russians still comprise a quarter of the Latvian population and over 50% of Latvia’s second largest city, Daugavpils – which is located in the far south, very close to the Belarus and Russian borders. Latvians are very aware of Russian expansion & excursions. The territorial threat is real with meaningful risks of war for the countries of NATO. I think we need to start talking about this and preparing the American people to honor our NATO commitments against Russian expansion into NATO countries. I believe this would reduce the risk of realization.

Handled adroitly, this could even distract Americans from political divisions and allow for greater unity.

Refuse Silence

Eugene Out About 052909(Community Matters) To our dear Muslim friends & Muslims all over this state, I am so embarrassed about yesterday at the Texas Capitol. I’m sorry how ignorant some fellow Texans (the state rep) & even a visiting Tennessean (the showboat, lunatic woman protestor who appears to do this all over the country for a living) acted. They do not reflect the love, understanding nor radical hospitality you can certainly expect from me, Steven, our families and our friends . . . to people of all faiths – very definitely including Muslims.

There is no excuse for this ignorance and hate. It’s simply small-minded fear stoked by irresponsible pundits, politicians and clergy. There is, unfortunately, real reason for all of us to be fearful. If actions are not taken to defuse the hate, if politicians, pundits and clergy do not dial back their Reichskanzler-ish rhetoric, the physical threat from these zealots will grow.

I promise not to be silent. The next time I hear a politician speaking such trash – even when they try to code it – I will speak up. I believe this is happening at every political level today. I don’t care if these politicians are white, black, brown or cuban – they’ve got to stop. They are potentially as dangerous as the fourth of six children.