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L Style G Style

(Community Matters) incredibly flattered by this write up

l style g style 2015

story here

2011 profile here – Deep Connection

ES ST L Style G Style Deep Connection



abu_ghraib(Community Matters)  I was just struck by the question – has the American treatment of Muslim prisoners (water boarding, simulated sodomy & other atrocities) contributed to the spiraling atrocities we are seeing today?

Unpacking Corporate Purpose

(Community Matters) Such an encouraging trend to see more & more CEOs recognizing the primacy of customer, employee and community interests right up there with those of shareholders. I believe this is in the long term beneficial interests of shareholders anyhow.

Unpacking Corporate Purpose: A Report on the Beliefs of Executives, Investors and Scholars (Aspen Institute)


54th Birthday

(Community Matters) It’s long been a tradition to celebrate my birthday with Tana Christie (& Margaret & Robert & Milinda when we can). Last year and this year, that’s meant celebrating in Santa Barbara – what a treat. Last year Michael Mitchell joined us. This year Paula Cramer & Warren happened to be in town (from Philadelphia). Joe was there the first night but had to travel the rest.

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Why Amazon Has No Profits (And Why It Works)

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 4.37(Community Matters)

Enlightening article on Amazon, Why Amazon Has No Profits (And Why It Works) by Benedict Evans.

With the growth of ecommerce to overall retail sales and the favorability of who buys online, I’m liking Bezos bets and thinking Amazon’s success less cyclical than brick & mortar retailers. (good summary on demographics of US online buyers,The Surprising Facts About Who Shops Online And On Mobile).

Hat Tip: Brett Hurt

Czar Putin’s Next Moves

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 5.53(Community Matters) Thomas Friedman’s column – Czar Putin’s Next Moves. I spent a lot of time in the Baltics in the 90s, especially in Riga, Latvia. Witnessed first hand the strife between Latvians and Russian nationals. Russians still comprise a quarter of the Latvian population and over 50% of Latvia’s second largest city, Daugavpils – which is located in the far south, very close to the Belarus and Russian borders. Latvians are very aware of Russian expansion & excursions. The territorial threat is real with meaningful risks of war for the countries of NATO. I think we need to start talking about this and preparing the American people to honor our NATO commitments against Russian expansion into NATO countries. I believe this would reduce the risk of realization.

Handled adroitly, this could even distract Americans from political divisions and allow for greater unity.

Refuse Silence

Eugene Out About 052909(Community Matters) To our dear Muslim friends & Muslims all over this state, I am so embarrassed about yesterday at the Texas Capitol. I’m sorry how ignorant some fellow Texans (the state rep) & even a visiting Tennessean (the showboat, lunatic woman protestor who appears to do this all over the country for a living) acted. They do not reflect the love, understanding nor radical hospitality you can certainly expect from me, Steven, our families and our friends . . . to people of all faiths – very definitely including Muslims.

There is no excuse for this ignorance and hate. It’s simply small-minded fear stoked by irresponsible pundits, politicians and clergy. There is, unfortunately, real reason for all of us to be fearful. If actions are not taken to defuse the hate, if politicians, pundits and clergy do not dial back their Reichskanzler-ish rhetoric, the physical threat from these zealots will grow.

I promise not to be silent. The next time I hear a politician speaking such trash – even when they try to code it – I will speak up. I believe this is happening at every political level today. I don’t care if these politicians are white, black, brown or cuban – they’ve got to stop. They are potentially as dangerous as the fourth of six children.

Austin’s black population living outside of the city’s limits

(Community Matters) An important observation which I’ve noticed before in early data. Don’t mean to say it isn’t important to note suburbanization of Austin’s African American population. And, I can’t help but think about how moving outside of one’s traditional neighborhoods is sometimes an aspiration of people as options become available. 538 story


An Hereditary Meritocracy

ECONOMIST HEREDITARY(Community Matters) ECONOMIST: “The children of the rich and powerful are increasingly well suited to earning wealth and power themselves. . . Between 1960 and 2005 the share of men with university degrees who married women with university degrees nearly doubled, from 25% to 48%, and the change shows no sign of going into reverse. . . the best predictor of an American child’s success in school has long been the parents’ educational level—a factor which graduates are already ahead on, by definition—money is an increasingly important factor. . . America is one of only three advanced countries that spends more on richer pupils than poor ones . . . More than 50 years ago Michael Young warned that the incipient meritocracy . . . could be as narrow and pernicious, in its way, as aristocracies of old.”

An hereditary meritocracy


America’s new aristocracyAmerica’s new aristocracy

Marfa – finally

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from once or more a month to only twice last year. Feels so good to finally be back among dear friends and west texas desert.


Happy MLK Day weekend


Turquoise Table

(Community Matters) Had coffee with an old friend yesterday, Kristin Kessler Schell. It’s been years since we’ve connected, though we’ve followed each other on facebook. Loved hearing about her latest initiative – Torquoise Table. Kristin just one day ordered a table from Lowe’s, decided to paint it her favorite color (Sherwin-Williams Nifty Turquoise) and set it up in her front yard. It was an invitation for neighbors to stop by and visit. Now, there are hundreds of torquoise tables all around the country and several around the world – it’s about building community and getting to know one another. Steven . . .