Amanda & Jason’s wedding

(Community Matters) an epic evening at their home on the river with so many dear friends it was a completely relaxing evening. 

amanda wedding

London & Paris

(Community Matters) Quick trip with Steven on business.

london paris 1014

highlights: Henry IV at the Donmar and James 1 at the Royal National Theatre (& 2 & 3 for Steven). Dinner with Erin Cramer & Neal at Cigala on Lamb’s Conduit. Into late night conversation with Alex at Hotel Du 7e Art. Simple down time with my husband.

The Ulmans

(Community Matters) We’re going to miss our friends the Ulmans – Sam, Clara Jane, Amy Grace & Doug.  Consider them family; the kids have a very special place in our hearts. omg – Clara is 3 going on 8. It’s an extraordinary opportunity for their family.

Columbus Dispatch: Livestrong CEO to lead Pelotonia

Columbus Business Insider: Pelotonia gets ‘global leader’ in Livestrong veteran Doug Ulman



(Community Matters) I’ve known and loved Dio & Gabel Cramer since they were born. Love Gabel’s story how until he was about 12, he thought we were family. Their mom & dad – Sonya Cohen Cramer & Reid Cramer – two of our best friends for many years. Steven’s gotten to know and love the entire family, especially over the last 6 – 8 years.

This weekend, we celebrated our relationship with these four by adopting each other as Dio’s & Gabel’s godfathers. And, an added bonus doing this in celebration of Yom Kippur.



Quarter Life Crisis

(Community Matters) I’m unfamiliar with the concept of the quarter life crisis but have been discussing this with young friends. I didn’t realize this was a phrase already in the vernacular of ego psychologists. Erik Erikson ties it to intimacy vs isolation in adult development.

Some I’ve spoken with tie it to our “rock star economy,” college debt and the Great Recession.

They say we’re living in this social & instant media world where the outliers are featured so ubiquitously we don’t even see them as outliers any longer. Of course there have always been outliers but that in today’s world, especially for people your age, it’s way too easy to compare each other against the outliers.

College debt – I’ve never even thought of this. When Steven and I left college, most people didn’t have substantial amounts of college debt. Heck, my semesters were $400 for tuition and fees and football tickets and parking. Of course there’s a lot more focus and drive re: money when people are coming out with $50k, $75k, even $100k in debt.

And the great recession. 2008 – so many graduated with the floor pulled out from under them. Expectations had been high until Oct. The availability of jobs didn’t recover until 2011, 2012, in some fields never with the salaries imagined when students decided on majors.

Hmmm, lots to consider in the psychological exploration of the quarter life crisis phenomenon.

(hope I return to write about our trip to Panama and the incredible area Casco Antigua where we stayed and played.  And, Esperanza Social Venture Club – a group helping turn around the life of gang members. Mind blowing. Exploring more and likely to become an important project we support.)

Vikki Loving

(Community Matters) Some people touch you in unexpected ways and instantly become dear friends. The first time I ever met Vikki, she asked if I understood how I absolutely drove some people crazy. (We were meeting to review the results of my & Steven’s Birkmans). Ever since, I’ve counted on Vikki’s help for hiring, team building and interpersonal navigations.

Vikki passed away on Wednesday, as graciously (& a little hilariously) as she lived her life. Even at the end, she gave us an example of how to live & how to die. Our condolences to Brooke, Barry, Robin & all her family & other friends. Dearest Vikki, you will be missed and not forgotten. Thank you for all you taught me over the years.

vikki loving

Happy Labor Day



Happy Labor Day. Thank you to the movement that rewarded the social and economic achievements of workers. How quickly we forget. Economic policies of globalization do not justify paying below living wages to American workers. Commoditization of labor is immoral and unamerican.


My blog

(Community Matters) I haven’t given up, just haven’t had my voice lately. No worries, about to come out of my cocoon – not sure what the metamorphosis.

but, lately, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our marriage (Salt Spring Island, British Columbia), witnessed & celebrated the marriage of Will & Natalie Meredith in Santa Barbara with several dear friends in addition to Lynn, Tommie, Sarah & Abby including the Winkelmans, visited extensively over the long weekend w/ Tana, Joe, Molly & Peter, enjoyed 5 wonderful days in San Francisco with dear friends including Taylor & Katherine, James & Cheston, Cesar, Jessika & David (including watching David’s standup act & celebrating his birthday), celebrated July 4 a day early with dinner at Suzanne & Chandler’s, celebrated July 4 at the house over dinner with 10 of our closest friends, witnessed & celebrated the marriage of Joaquin & Anna Castro in San Antonio, joined the Huggins Family for a reunion in Eastern Oklahoma, attended an Innovation Summit at the White House, celebrated Pride at the White House, enjoyed a gorgeous dinner at Jezzebel with Michael & Kip before we all dispersed for holidays, and have been spending lots of time on Steve Adler’s race for Austin mayor (it’s going well. The wind is at our back).

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(Community Matters) The experience we need going forward is experience different from what we’ve had in the past. Traffic, affordability, permitting . . . the problems have gotten worse over the last eight years. Time for a new way forward.


June 23

tom henderson bettie naylor(Community Matters) It’s Melissa, Drew’s, Michael’s & Milinda’s tradition to celebrate Tom Henderson’s birthday (June 23) with dinner. Tom was Melissa’s daddy; Michael’s husband. I always remember (& Bettie Naylor’s b/d too), though haven’t always been able to join for dinner. Fun to do so last night, along with Steven, Will Roman and Matt Wolski (taking this pic). Tom would have been 65 yesterday – he died Dec 1999.


(first photo: Tom, Bettie & I can’t recall name of the other gentleman @ a party Ted Smith hosted in my honor (City of Austin Eugene Sepulveda Day) in the early 90s. I think the other gentleman was named Marvin – he was GWB’s godfather, forsaken for being gay, which broke his heart.)


My Brother’s Keeper

(Community Matters) On Friday, Secretary Duncan also met with young men of color as part of President Obama’s initiative, My Brother’s Keeper, which focuses on addressing persistent opportunity gaps faced by boys and young men of color and ensure that all young people can reach their full potential.

The roundtable was hosted by ACC’s Dr. Rhodes. Comments included:

·        Parents working for $7.25 an hour work so much that they are exhausted when they get home are not able to help their children.

·        Teachers shouldn’t be blamed when they have students who are disruptive and the teacher has to “over talk” them.

·        They talked about their experiences serving the community. One explained how that helped him get a job that he loves. Another said it changed the community’s perception of teenage boys of color.

·        Standardized tests discourage kids who test poorly but can do the work. One student said schools expel kids for minor misbehavior if they are weak academically so that they won’t count toward the school’s dropout rate. He said suspending a student for misbehavior is like giving a kid a vacation for doing the wrong thing, and sending them home isn’t giving them an education.

·        Young people from low income communities face opportunity gaps. One student said he has no network because his neighbors work for McDonalds and Burger King and could connect him with a job there, but not internships or career-oriented entry level jobs.

Hat Tip: Edna Butts

Happy Birthday, Capital Factory

(Community Matters) Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Capital Factory, happy birthday to you – and many more.


with Joshua Baer, our founder & spiritual leader