(Community Matters) HeForShe: a solidarity movement for gender equality – the movement for gender equality was originally conceived as a struggle led only by women for women. In recent years, men have begun to stand up in addressing the inequality and discrimination faced by women and girls. more here

wow – just stumbled across this spectacular “movement”.

It’s a project of UN Women, the United Nations organization dedicated to gender equality and empowerment of women. A global champion for women and girls. UN Women was established to accelerate progress on meeting their needs worldwide. I haven’t donated just because I’m not convinced all UN programs are responsibly run; nevertheless, I sure love the ambition and hope to learn more about the program’s efficacy and finances. 

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Results Map – Mayor’s Race

(Community Matters) really proud Austinites  from every precinct, every corner of Austin came together for Steve- laying to rest the campaign rhetoric of East – West divide. And . . . no doubt we have real issues to deal with in this city. One of Steve Adler’s first comments last night: “We’ve shown we can bring lots of high-paying jobs to this city, but are we clever enough and smart enough to bring enough middle-class jobs for the people that live here?”

adler map runoff

Mayor-elect Steve Adler

(Community Matters) It’s a great time in Austin. So pleased so many trusted so many of us. For those who haven’t gotten to know Steve Adler, you’re gonna be really pleased. Hard work ahead and great man at the helm of this fantastic city.

adler victory

Austin American Statesman: Steve Adler posts decisive victory over Mike Martinez for Austin mayor

Crying Wolf

(Community Matters) Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Tanisha Anderson and Michael Brown . . . real reasons to question procedures and responses, the deployment of deadly force, because of someone’s race. There are real issues of race in America and in Austin – too many real ones for irresponsible cries of wolf. We should be hyper vigilant about squandering our attention to this issue.

I’m furious that Mike Martinez’s surrogates are sounding the race card against my friends Marc Winkelman, Tom Meredith, Dan Graham, Adam Loewy and Mickey Klein – implying that their mailer (a completely independent expenditure by their outside PAC) is racist for “dollar bills, shadowy figures and ominous fonts.” We could have and didn’t cry this false alarm when the same motiff was deployed in the mailer against Steve Adler – despite this imagery too often being deployed against Jews.

And, it’s not racist to question whether voters should desire that the mayor of their $3 billion city have a college degree. We require degrees for many mid managerial level jobs, even graduate degrees for executive positions. It’s an honest question to consider when putting together a list of criteria for someone to run your city (with a range of answers among many, obviously) – no reason for unnecessarily reactive & incendiary responses. Certainly shouldn’t be exploited to cry wolf.

There are real race problems to deal with. Let’s elect the best mayor capable of guiding our city and solving so many & mounting problems including race, economics, traffic . . .



Max Frost Playing Steve Adler Runoff Kickoff Bash

10429480_10152511633298946_382388035732954950_n(Community Matters)  Austin sensation, multi-instrumentalist, Austin native Max Frost is playing Steve Adler’s runoff kickoff & fundraiser at the Belmont on Monday (Dec 1) 5:30 – 7:30 for sponsors & supporters. $20 general admission tickets available at the door at 6:45.




Austin-Texas-Live-Music-Capital-of-the-World-Mural-300x197.jpg.pagespeed.ic.28VQyUoVF9and . . . if you haven’t read Steve’s white paper about investing in Austin musicians, you should – here.  #Don’tTakeMusicans4Granted

Domestic Bliss

(Community Matters) I find these brilliant and spectacularly expressive . . . 

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From BoredPanda: Susan Copich, actress and a mother of two from New York, has taken a darkly humorous approach towards traditional family photography with a series of daring images entitled “Domestic Bliss.”

Copich spent years taking pictures of her family, but when she reached her mid-forties, she realized that she was missing from almost every photo. That’s when she decided to take things into her own hands, creating photos that would reflect all of her feelings – even the ambiguous or negative ones.

If you’ve met me, I have a very seemingly sunny disposition, but I have a whole interior world where at different times I’ve felt depression and angst. For many years, I put it in a little ball, and I decided to just explore it this time. It’s been so fun to bring those feelings out and give them light,” she says. Each image has what Susan calls a ‘twist of darkness’ that challenges the ordinary perception of family happiness.


ABJ on Taxis v TNCs

(Community Matters) irresponsible journalism that ABJ even prints Ed’s statement that Yellow Cab’s ap is anything like Uber’s or Lyft’s & that it’s got “more local reach” than the aps of Uber & Lyft without a direct challenge. Ed doesn’t do himself any favors by stretching the truth on such easily refuted statements. Despite my enthusiasm for TNCs, I’m a taxi fan too and believe we ought to deregulate to level the playing field (lift caps on permits) while ensuring access for disabled (TNCs should have to provide access too) as well as liability coverage and public safety. Don’t get me started on Ed’s disingenuous statements about differences in liability coverage between the two models.

Ed ABJ taxi

ABJ – The taxi empire strikes back: How Austin’s cab companies plan to compete against Uber, Lyft

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Why Have I Lost Control

(Community Matters) Too many people who I know have generous hearts have posted statements which say to me they can’t even imagine – no where in their deepest emotional spheres do they have an inkling of – what it might be like to not be white, to be a Black man in most parts of this country. Maybe empathy isn’t one of their strengths; maybe . . . I don’t know why . . . . nevertheless, these friends & acquaintances are not intentionally racist. We should all read what this Black man (today a US Senator) wrote in 1992.

cory booker rodney king article

text of article below:

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Bob Emerson 1941 – 2014

(Community Matters) Bob was an early mentor, supporter & friend.


Adler – Martinez Guest Editorials

adler martinez(Community Matters) As I’m reading Mike’s guest editorial, I’m thinking to myself, good gosh . . . if this was the real Mike we wouldn’t have had to spend $1,000,000 & the last 10 months looking for a new way forward.

Have traffic, affordability, education or the quality of city services improved or gotten worse during the last 8 years?

No more putting lipstick on a pig and calling it a princess.

Slashing free rides for seniors and the disabled and borrowing tens of millions in order to establish a reserve while costs skyrocket and ridership declines does not constitute successful leadership at Capital Metro? Calling a press conference to announce you are the only proponent of the middle class, pledging to hold the line on taxes and fees, then voting to raise both the same week is more Paul Ryan than John Kennedy.


Steve Adler represents change – read his guest editorial.

Josh Jones-Dilworth

josh-jones-dilworth-1-600xx2000-1333-0-1(Community Matters) Nice write-up on Josh Jones-Dilworth, who’s become a close friend, confidant and colleague. Increasingly, we work together on my most important projects. His firm adopted EF as their main pro-bono client a couple of years ago.  He’s wicked smart, funny and maybe even as idiosyncratic as I am. I like that we both endlessly entertain our staffs; I think they scratch their heads when we leave the room. ABJ profile

Steven. Still Chill. Molokai.

(Community Matters) Steven’s on a meditation retreat; he’s loving it. 

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