Word for 2016

(Community Matters) Happy New Year!10603425_10207113573291088_8570812005472658807_n

much fun ringing in the New Year in Marfa again. Our dear friends Kim & Kyle Hughes helped us host this year’s festivities which included a Pizza Foundation party on 12/30, McDonald Observatory star parties on 12/29 and 12/30, private McDonald Observatory telescope tours, a Julie Speed Gallery/Studio Party, and a Ft. Davis State Park hike as well as the Rock Hudson suite NYE party and NY Day at Dick & Janie DeGuerin’s (me here w/ the fabulous Barbara Hill).

Such a fun year w/ so many dear guests including Dustin & Megan Wells & family, Gerardo & Anysley Interiano & family, Kim Taylor & family, Mayor Adler, Diane Land, Sarah Adler, Zach, Molly & friend, Joe & Tana Christie, Eli Smith & family, Stephanie Dodoo & Micah Barber, David Richards & Nancy Novack, Cameron Lockley, Chase Pilat, Joel Robbins & Kevin, Mark & Monica Cravotta & the girls, Senator Shapleigh & Joyce, Gary Cooper & Richard Hartgrove, Autumn Rich, Will Roman, Jason & Lori Heffron & family, Ian Carracio & Evan Sisley, Chad Dedman, et al

My word for 2016Eloy. That’s my late dad’s name. Meant to remind me to be more like my father – someone who always thought before he spoke, wasn’t compelled to always share his opinion, who never spoke ill of anyone, and who saved what he wanted to share for the right moment. Big hill for me to climb but I’m gonna try in 2016. Remind me when you see or hear otherwise, just by mentioning “Eloy.”

Steven’s – Communion

Will – Uninhibited

Stephanie Dodoo – Spontaneous

Micah Barber – Yes

Jon – Feedback

Michelle – Community

Ian – Education

Evan – Kinder

J0e – Breathe

Tana – Calm

Richard – Patience

Gary – Balance

Stephanie – Patience

Peter – Present

I need to remember/collect others’





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