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Changing the World

(Community Matters) Two events unfolding really may change the world as we currently know it – the deterioration of American relations with Afghan president Hamid Karzai and the Vatican’s bumbling handling of pedophile scandal now directly implicating Pope Benedict.

Karzai really expects us to continue funding a war and placing Americans in harms way while he entertains Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?  Does the Vatican believe their defense should include the fact that families never contacted the police for 20 years?

Haiti 03/30/2010

(Community Matters) We continue to raise and grant money for HelpHaiti – we’ve raised $1.3mm and have now granted nearly $1mm.  It’s not easy – there are so many organizations doing such good work, yet so many people still not being reached.

Telephone conference calls & online research today including founder Eric Klein who is over-the-top aggravated by the slow pace of recovery.  And, Leigh Carter, Fonkoze’s US-based ED about the needs of 45,000 women enrolled in Fonkoze’s programs, about the malnourishment of their children and how most have lost everything.  Leigh herself was in Haiti during the earthquake and fell from a second story floor, breaking her back.  Fonkoze lost 2 Haitian employees and over 160 lost their homes.  We’re talking about the possibility of stipends for their workers who did lose their homes.  We’ve already funded continued training for 2,000 women on business practices and disaster recovery (mitigating risks).  The HelpHaiti grants committee intends to invest a portion of monies raised in helping Haitians in economic recovery (as well as physical).

The Passover Seder

(Community Matters) We joined Amy & Kirk Rudy and lots of their family and friends for Seder last night.  What a wonderful tradition.  Loved seeing Kirk’s mom & step dad (Janice & Jim).  Sorry his dad & stepmom weren’t able to make it after all (Alan & Stephanie).  Special treat that Sam extended his spring break from Colorado U.  Many family & friends.  A wonderful way to celebrate the holiday.


(Community Matters)

Happy Passover

Official name Hebrew: פסח (Pesach)
Observed by Jews, Samaritans
Type One of the Three Pilgrim Festivals
Significance Celebrates the Exodus, the freedom from slavery of the Children of Israel from ancient Egypt that followed the Ten Plagues.

Beginning of the 49 days of Counting of the Omer

Begins 15th day of Nisan
Ends 21st day of Nisan in Israel, and among some liberal Diaspora Jews; 22nd day of Nisan outside of Israel among more traditional Diaspora Jews.
2009 date sunset of April 8 to nightfall of 15 April / 16 April (7th day)
2010 date sunset of March 29 to nightfall of 5 April / 6 April (7th day)
2011 date sunset of April 18 to nightfall of 25 April / 26 April (7th day)
Celebrations In Jewish practice, one or two festive Seder meals – first two nights; in the times of the Temple in Jerusalem, the Korban Pesach. In Samaritan practice, men gather for a religious ceremony on Mount Gerizim that includes the ancient Passover Sacrifice.
Related to Shavuot (“Festival of Weeks”) which follows 49 days from the second night of Passover.



(Community Matters) Inkydinkyparlezvous, the blog of my very dear friend Lilly Archuletta.  She’s a cerebral and manic sorta friend – the kinda friend that excites creativity, smoking and drinking.  She’s also a very good cook. . . oh, and she’s very well read. . .  and she’s bred some fine off-spring.

update: Lily just wrote to remind me, her father is Raul Archuletta from St. Petersburg, Russia.  Her mother is Rose Quintanilla from Claunch, New Mexico

The Blood of Patriots Indeed

(Community Matters) Regrettably, we’re almost sure to see the loss of blood before some of these people accept a multi-cultural USA, where power is shared with minorities, women, non-Christians, LGBT and foreign-born Americans – the blood of patriots indeedFrank Rich’s column

“A threat to the very essence of our basic system” and a “usurpation” of states’ rights that’ll “destroy the free enterprise system.” “A federal dictatorship.” “Take our country back!”

“The Republicans haven’t had a single African-American in the Senate or the House since 2003 and have had only three in total since 1935…. Their anxieties about a rapidly changing America are well-groomed.”

The Economist: Austin & SXSW

(Community Matters) Nice press in THE paper of record

Once a sleepy state-government and university town, Austin is now a cultural and technological hub as well. . . . There is a notion, made famous by Richard Florida, that cities can prosper by putting in bicycle lanes and nightlife districts and the rest. These amenities attract the savvy young knowledge workers of the creative class, who in turn attract business. But perhaps the causal connection runs in the other direction. If a city has enough engineers in its tax base, the bike mechanics can scrape together a living alongside them. Either way, Austin has pulled it off.

Indian Dinner/ Hill Country Oasis

(Community Matters) Last night we agreed to launch a new dinner club (The Lake Dinner Club) after the stunning meal prepared by Penny Wilson & Jeff Browning and enjoyed with Kim & Kyle Hughes. They cooked Indian out of Vij’s cookbook. And, we had the best time with four very dear friends.

they have 5 rescue dogs, all some form of bull dog – each precious as hell (with plenty of property to roam)

the view from Browning Bend

Not to mention Jeff’s & Penny’s new home – omg – meticulously conceived, carefully engineered, dark wood, natural light and radio controlled.  In the heart is a kitchen (plus an outdoor kitchen) in which twelve people can comfortably create. I no longer have ambition to return to Las Brisas in Alcapulco, I’m just going to Jeff’s & Penny’s for a long weekend! An incredibly wonderful evening.

Charity : Water

(Community Matters) Just won an eBay auction benefiting this year’s Twestival for Charity : Water’s Scott Harrison – well for him for lunch with 5 friends that is. Met Scott this week at breakfast with Ross Garber and through Doug Ulman. In 3.5 years, they’ve raised almost $14mm and brought water to over 1mm people. Scott’s plans are to raise $2B in ten years, bringing water to 100mm, or 10% of those suffering from lack or reliable, clean water. Their Haiti program in video below:

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No You Can’t (Featuring John Boehner)

(Community Matters) YES WE CAN!

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Gay Teen and Prom

(Community Matters) The school superintendent allowed him to bring his boyfriend to the prom – but his parents kicked him out of his home.

Gay Teen in Georgia Kicked Out by Parents Over Bringing Boyfriend to Prom

Steven’s TEDxAustin – Don’t Discard

(Community Matters) Can’t describe how proud I am to be married to Steven Tomlinson, to be together, work together in this life.

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