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Kevin Keim

(Community Matters) I had dinner with my close friend Kevin Keim last night – one of the most renaissance men I know among 30-40 year olds (my husband being another).  Kevin runs the Charles Moore Foundation.  I shouldn’t let so much time pass between our visits.

The 10-pt Gallup Poll Edge

(Community Matters) The 10 point Gallup poll GOP edge, ought to bring out the fighting spirit on our side.  We’ve been further behind before – predictions of the demise of the Obama campaign in the primary, in the general, of health care reform, of financial regulatory reform . . . been there, done that.  And, it must appropriately motivate us all.

Koch Brothers

(Community Matters) funding the Tea Party: “The Kochs are longtime libertarians who believe in drastically lower personal and corporate taxes, minimal social services for the needy, and much less oversight of industry—especially environmental regulation.” The New Yorker article

on the Tea Party, ““What they don’t say is that, in part, this is a grassroots citizens’ movement brought to you by a bunch of oil billionaires.”

A Republican campaign consultant who has done research on behalf of Charles and David Koch said of the Tea Party, “The Koch brothers gave the money that founded it. It’s like they put the seeds in the ground. Then the rainstorm comes, and the frogs come out of the mud—and they’re our candidates!”

Gus diZerega, the former friend, suggested that the Kochs’ youthful idealism about libertarianism had largely devolved into a rationale for corporate self-interest. He said of Charles, “Perhaps he has confused making money with freedom.”
A 2004 report by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, a watchdog group, described the Kochs’ foundations as being self-serving, concluding, “These foundations give money to nonprofit organizations that do research and advocacy on issues that impact the profit margin of Koch Industries.”

Hostile Environments

(Community Matters) Conversations over the last week have reminded me, I too can be badly behaved.

I’ve always believed in civility, and my passions sometimes runneth over. During the last week, some felt I created a hostile environment for those who disagree on the Muslim Community Center issue.  That doesn’t create a space for dialogue nor certainly reconciliation.

Hope to better practice what I preach, which is that everyone I’m engaged with in conversation, or in community, who isn’t harming others, should enjoy these rights: 1) to be heard, 2) to be seen, 3) to feel safe, 4) to belong, 5) to make a difference.

I can’t promise to be perfect but I can promise to try hard to do better.

Radical Religious Conservatives

(Community Matters) in various conversations during the week, I’ve expressed fear of radical conservatives from all religions – Muslim, Christian and Jew.  Many from each of these groups would outlaw my family, some even my right to hold a job & to live where I wish – some who believe gays should be put to death. So, the biggest, real threat is a rise in influence of radical conservative religious fanatics.

update: I should add Mormons to above

Who’s Not Out

(Community Matters) drinks this afternoon with blogger Mike Rogers, BlogActive, Mike’s the DC-based blogger who outs gay politicians hypocritically working against our community. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to imagine the story he’s pursuing in Texas.

Lemon Sorbetto

(Community Matters) Jill McRae made the best gelato, presecco & vodka cocktails as part of dessert – after salad nicoise while trying 5 different Sancerres.  Jill, Judge Yelenosky, Judge Pitman, Michael Mitchell & Steven – history, politics, health care . . .


(Community Matters) We’re so excited.  Steven will soon have an office at Thinkwell too – more chances to hang during the day

Kenneth who’s building out the office space

Middle East Peace Negotiations

(Community Matters) reading articles on why these Middle East Peace negotiations might or might not succeed.

Wondering: what if the US & Europeans declared we’d cut financial aid to Palestine and Israel by 20% every year until a peace is negotiated? Wondering if this might add additional motivation

Andrew Tobias on Mehlman

(Community Matters) and, always an honor to get a mention by my friend Andy

Plumbing Emergency

(Community Matters) I suppose for having a house nearly 100 years old, you must expect these things

Is Being Gay a White, European Thing?

(Community Matters) from Mother Jones

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