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(Community Matters) Another set of friends announced their engagement today . . .

Body Scanners

(Community Matters) Interestingly enough, at breakfast this morning I suggested that most of the uproar was likely from folks who don’t even travel by air. You can’t help but appreciate the tradeoffs of convenience/privacy for security if you fly regularly ‘The large majority (71%) of air travelers who have flown at least twice in the past year say any potential loss of personal privacy from the full-body scans and pat-downs is worth it as a means of preventing acts of terrorism.’

NYT: Eviction of Palestinian Family

(Community Matters) Eerily like the stories we heard of how Palestinians are being evicted even from East Jerusalem. If Israel subsequently begins enforcing a safety perimeter, evicting other Palestinians from the only area of Palestine where they are allowed to live, then it’ll be full on the story we were told while touring the West Bank with a Christian Palestinian.

Reminds me that the vast area of West Bank annexed into Jerusalem is not cited by Israel when they talk about occupied lands or percentage of West Bank to be returned

NYT story

Our Morning Chat

(Community Matters)

Creativity to Community

(Community Matters) Matthew Hinsley’s book is out – Creativity to Community: Arts Nonprofit Success One Coffee at a Time. Matthew is a very successful, Austin-based arts administrator who has grown the Austin Classic Guitar Society to the largest of its kind in America.  Over the years, we’ve enjoyed sharing meals, stories and earned income strategies with Matthew (& his wife Glenda).  I’m looking forward to reading this book.

order here

AMOA – Advancing Tradition

(Community Matters) Mark Smith (Flatbed Press) & Dana Friis-Hansen (AMOA) have collaborated on a new exhibit opening this weekend at the Austin Museum of Art.

Steven and I are tickled to lend Julie Speed’s Adrift to the exhibit (being hung in the photo above).

Shawnee via Dallas

(Community Matters) It’s become a ritual that we share a “Thanksgiving” meal & spend a night with two of our very best friends, Charles Santos & Rickie Bond, on our way to Shawnee, OK for Thanksgiving with family.  This year Garfield Lemonius joined us (in from Pittsburgh where he teaches modern dance at Point Park University).

Rickie & Steven decided to stay home, eat healthy, catch up, laugh and cry.  There are two people with whom Steven regularly laughs so hard he cries – Rickie & Kip Keller. Charles, Garfield and I out to Jorge’s at the Dallas Arts Complex where Charles presents music and dance.

On the drive up, had to stop in West to pick up kolaches and rolls for the tribes.  Joe & Tana’s long time friend, Mimi Irwin, was at her shop (Village Bakery).  Nice seeing her again and introducing her to Steven.  We loaded up.

For folks who like picking up kolaches while barreling I-35 down from or to Dallas/FW, well worth the extra 2 minute drive to leave the highway and drive a mile into town.  Mimi’s father established West’s first Czech bakery in 1952. Fresh ingredients, no preservatives – plenty of everything hot & ready to eat, or frozen, ready to be taken home and baked.

Habitat – New Homes

(Community Matters) Michael Willard’s guest editorial

Steven and I love the work Habitat does – especially Austin Habitat for Humanity under Michael’s leadership


(Community Matters) I’ve been thinking about a conversation – instead of looking at the widening economic chasm in the US, look at the shrinking economic chasm worldwide – millions of people lifted out of poverty into a middle class during the last 10, 20 and 30 years.

Declining jobs or wages in US – reflective of competition from abroad.  Instead of protectionism, retool, higher value added, even relocate as managers or virtual management.  Taxes imposed on corporations – a competitive characteristic they’ll assess in selecting where to build.

I’m not buying, promoting or embracing any of these concepts yet – they are informing and testing my positions



(Community Matters) hard to keep these straight

Marines on DA/DT

(Community Matters) On Marine Commandant Gen Amos

Jt. Chiefs Chair Admiral Mullen: I don’t think there is any question he can [implement DA/DT repeal]. In fact, I’ve spoken to him as recently as last week and he recounted a town hall that he had on the east coast recently and he was very clear and very public to his Marines and he basically said that if this law changes we are going to implement it and we are going to implement it better than anybody else. So I have great confidence in him that if it gets to the change in the law, that the Marine Corps will implement it as he’s described.

Other Shows

(Community Matters) I’ll try to draft better posts on the trip home tomorrow.

Hamlet (Royal National Theatre) – the play’s contemporary setting within a believable surveillance state brings one of Shakespeare’s most revered works (with as many famous quotes as any work – correct?) so much more within reach. I think it’d hold my 10yo nephew’s and younger godsons’ attentions. Nicholas Hytner, who runs the National Theatre, directed. An Englishman known to appreciate  low brow as much as high brow, is obviously less bound by formality – no doubt a gift which accounts for much the excellence we’ve seen at the National over the last seven years .  Rory Kinnear knocks it out of the park as Hamlet.  Saw him in Burnt By the Sun this summer. Clare Higgins stood out as Gertrude, as did Giles Terrera as Haratio.  I so want Robert Faires to see this production – he applies some of the same to Henry V.

Priscilla, Queen of Desert. My friend Paul Boskind is producing this musical in New York, so I promised I’d see the London version. I’ve walked by the Shaftesbury theatre hundreds of times, even taken pics of ST under the giant pump.  Of course, Ben Richards is gorgeous as Tick – so’s a newbie (Oliver Thornton) as Adam.  The show was fun; the audience found it hilarious. Not sure I’ve ever seen a standing ovation in London – though it was as much about wanting to get up and dance as anything. I need to guard against high brow biases myself – we enjoyed this.

The Readers Wifes Fan Club – I suppose this could count as a gay bar outing for us (only the 2nd in our 12 years together). This Duckie troop has performed at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern for 14 years.  We had a blast at the “post-gay culture” show, part experimental theatre, part pop video and part drag.

photo: Readers Wifes