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Evangelicals Without Blowhards

(Community Matters) Kristof’s column reminds me that we should ignore the charlatans who hog up the airwaves and not condemn but embrace the Evangelists who also seek to confront social & economical injustices

Rightward Tilt Leaves Obama With Party Rift

(Community Matters)  I don’t find the frame in this NYTimes article productive or even authentic. There can be no denying that Americans sent a statement in the 2010 elections. And, I wouldn’t support a candidate for president who upon taking office set out to only represent the interests of those who voted for her or him, regardless if this is what the other side does.

One of the drivers of my enthusiasm for the 2012 election is the opportunity for us to put forward a more progressive agenda and in the hope that Americans will elect the president and enough Congressional representatives to allow us to move it forward. Hard for me to understand how anyone doubts that if we had enough votes to make it happen, President Obama wouldn’t modestly raise taxes on the richest Americans, repeal legislation withholding equality from LGBT Americans, repeal subsidies and tax loop holes for many industries, and fund additional stimulus measures including alternative energy & education – all while shoring up social safety net programs.

We’re Here

(Community Matters)

McDonald Observatory Board of Visitors meetings, a Marfa Public Radio board meeting, reconnaissance for our new year’s party and related 3 days of activities, plus the simple pleasure of Marfa during the Texas summer (few realize we’re nearly 1 mile high, so one of the coolest places in Texas)

Great Days

(Community Matters)  a great day – breakfast w/ Doug Ulman, super workout w/Cody Butler, meeting with Philip Berber about Ethiopia, w/ Byran Jones for lunch about GACC, PeopleFund, Collider & EF, w/ Debbie Johnson about corporate philanthropy and what could be game changing . . . . and now knocking off a tad early to jump in my pool 🙂


(Community Matters)  James passed away this morning – RIP

US Debt – Causes

(Community Matters) It’s not particularly helpful to focus on who said/did what at this point – but it does provide historical context which gives insight into how we ought to solve. It’s true that the problem is now ours to fix it. The only responsible fix includes spending cuts AND revenue increases. Only cutting spending risks sending this country into the depression Pres Obama diverted upon taking office.

washington post

Our fiscal crisis is the result of previous, unfunded spending on two wars and an unfunded medical drug benefit program while simultaneously (& irresponsibly) cutting taxes. Yes, ours to fix – and a solid majority of Americans* believe the debt ceiling should be resolved with a combination of spending cuts and revenue increases. Pres Clinton’s modest increase in tax rates turned a previous Bush’s deficit into a surplus and ushered in a long period of economic growth. President Obama should declare an emergency – since the House is abdicating responsible resolution – and issue an executive order to raise the debt ceiling.

* CNN/ORC survey: 64% of people questioned in the July 2011 poll say they want a budget plan with both spending cuts and tax hikes for businesses and higher-income Americans. CBS poll: 66% of Americans believe that the deal to raise the debt ceiling should include both spending cuts and tax increases.

Hat Tip: Brent Huggins/Progress Texas

if you didn’t see Pres Obama’s remarks tonight – I recommend it –

Speaker John Boehner’s Republican response

Happy Anniversary, Steven

(Community Matters) Today’s the anniversary of our Canadian wedding. Not many days go by when i don’t realize I’m an extraordinarily lucky man.

it’s confusing – we also celebrate 4/30/99 as an anniversary (first decided we’d be together) and 5/10/2000 commitment ceremony

Nat’l LGBT Dinner

(Community Matters)

Brent Huggins (cousin), Barack Obama (president), Hilary Tomlinson (niece) & Steven Tomlinson (husband)

Heat Wave Sweeps Across the U.S.

(Community Matters)  btw: Austin weather history:

Hottest Summers in Austin – 2009 vs 1925: The hottest summer on record in Austin, in terms of most days at or above 100 degrees Farenheit, occurred back in 1925. There were 69 such days.

During the summer of 2009, we came very close to matching the 1925 record. There were 68 days with the triple digit temperatures.

According to KXAN (as of 7/14): this summer is off to the hottest start in recorded Austin history.

Our average high temperature since June 1st ranks #1 on the all-time list at 100.3 degrees. Our average daily temperature during this period also ranks #1 at 87.5 degrees. For climate purposes, summer includes the months of June, July and August.

The last time a summer began this hot was two years ago when 2009 became Austin’s hottest in history. You’ll recall Austin hit 100 degrees or hotter 68 times that summer, just one shy of the all-time record.

By the end of the day Thursday, Austin will have recorded highs of 100 or above 31 times this summer. On the same date  in 2009, temperatures had reached triple digits 28 times.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

LGBT Panel on Support of President

(Community Matters) Especially worth watching Tobias Wolff at 3:20. Also Bob Witeck’s piece in LGBT/POV

Vodpod videos no longer available.

LGBT Panel, posted with vodpod

Sister Myotis on Thongs

(Community Matters) in response to my posting about Austin’s thong biker, Kent Burress sent me this link – roaring LOL

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Douchebags of Grindr

(Community Matters) It’s a gay social media thing. Likely not very interesting to others.


no, I don’t have aps; I’m still on blackberry

update: I disconnected the hyperlink. MM mention there was a pornography ad as the site opened. I’m fairly oblivious to ads of any sort and hadn’t even noticed. Apologies to any who were offended.

hat tip: Towleroad

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