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Gina Patterson’s Aphrodite Dances: Chocolate

(Community Matters) Wednesday evening attended the premiere of Gina Patterson’s Aphrodite Dances: Chocolate.

After being receptioned with chocolate covered strawberries, port and chicken mole, we were seated and toasted with warm liquid chocolate.

My favorite piece was Muse – alive, beautiful and sensual; it was set to Hildergard Von Bingen music.

Aphrodite Dances is a series of boutique performances merging dance and the culinary arts. Gina conceived the series while on retreat at the Interlochen School of the Arts last year. Compania de Danza 21 (from Puerto Rico) joined Gina, Eric Midgley, Rebecca Niziol and Chris Hannon in this performance

Gina Patterson’s Voice Dance Company

Jobs – Large or Small Businesses?

(Community Matters) from Playbook

THE BIG IDEA – “Rethinking the Boosterism About Small Business: Politicians may love to extol the virtues of small business, but big companies are still the key to growth,” by Charles Kenny, a fellow at the Center for Global Development and the New America Foundation: “If you’re looking for a lot of good-paying, stable jobs, you’d better hope there are some big companies around that want to hire. … Kansas City Federal Reserve economist Kelly D. Edmiston … found that … [h]ourly wages at the largest companies, those with more than 2,500 employees, average around $27, compared with $16 in companies with payrolls of fewer than 100. … Although politically unpopular, attracting more large companies from China and India to set up shop in the U.S. could be a better use of resources than providing yet more tax breaks and loan guarantees for small business. … Given how many ‘small employers’ are doctors, lawyers, money managers, and other ready sources of campaign finance, there is a good probability they will continue to be pampered by politicians.”

L’shana tova tikatevu

(Community Matters) This evening’s sunset signals the Jewish New Year and Rosh Hashanah

L’shana tova tikatevu


Trust the Federal Gov’t

(Community Matters) from Playbook

CNN/OCR: “How much of the time do you think you can trust the government in Washington to do what is right — just about always, most of the time, or only some of the time?” “Just about always” clocks in at 2% — statistically unchanged from Dec. ’08. The shift came in the next two categories, with a 10% point swing from “Most of the time” (now 13%) to “Only some of the time” (77%). “Never” is statistically static at 8%.

AISD Secrecy

(Community Matters) AISD has a long history of opting for secrecy over disclosure. I fear this has become SOP. It predates our current superintendent. I get the periodic need for this or the consistent need as relates to individual personnel matters & complex financial negotiations; however, there appears to have been nothing served by yesterday’s withholding. The costs appear to far outweigh any illusionary benefits unless “showing them” has become some perverse win.

Admittedly, there could have been behind the scenes play of which we aren’t aware. Perhaps there was still disagreement among staff or the board about how far to go at Monday’s meeting. If so, this should leak. The benefits of explaining outweigh the costs.

1,000 New Israeli Housing Units in East Jerusalem

(Community Matters) Very difficult to understand this in the middle of the US standing up for Israel in the UN Palestinian state dispute.


Class Warfare

(Community Matters) In Salon, the handy frame coined by far right

thx, KK

Judge Robert Pitman

(Community Matters) Congratulations, Robert!

Judge Robert Pitman was confirmed last night by the US Senate as the next US Attorney for the Western District of Texas.

Coke CEO on USA, Corporations & Creating Jobs

(Community Matters) from Playbook: “[Coke CEO] Kent argued that US states did not compete enough with each other to attract businesses while Chinese provinces were clamouring to draw investment from international companies. … ”

my initial reaction: 1) I agree our political polarization is bad for business; it’s bad for everyone, 2) Seriously Mr Kent? how would you like to operate under China’s rule of law? 3) he has some points – but that US states need to compete more or that we need to allow even more tax breaks, on the face, appears unreasonable. Close loopholes, reduce marginal rates and improve predictability? I can buy & support this.

Read full excerpt of comments: Continue reading

Amazon Warehouse Working Conditions

(Community Matters) These reports of unsafe and intimidating work conditions are beyond anything I’d expect. Steven and I do too much trade with this business to ignore this. Gotta find out what’s the truth.

Sustainable Love

(Community Matters) I’ve sometimes shocked people by saying picking a mate should be a selfish act. An important reason I knew Steven and I would be good together is that I knew he’d compliment me and help me become the man I wanted to be. And, I knew I’d be good for him too. Yes, of course, there has to also be chemistry; lucky him I also thought he was cute 🙂

This New York Times article about Sustainable Love

“If your partner is helping you become a better person, you become happier and more satisfied in the relationship.”

The sustainable marriage quiz

(my score: 60 and above — Highly Expansive. You are gaining a lot of new experiences and reaching new goals as a result of your relationship. Chances are you have a happier, more sustainable relationship as a result.)

SNL Skewers The GOP Presidential Candidates

(Community Matters) You gotta watch this – funniest in months!

Vodpod videos no longer available.