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My Man Newt

(Community Matters) Maureen Dowd – Republicans have a far greater talent for hypocrisy than easily cowed Democrats do — and no doubt appreciate that in a leader.

But next to Romney, Gingrich seems authentic. Next to Herman Cain, Gingrich seems faithful. Next to Jon Huntsman, Gingrich seems conservative. Next to Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry, Gingrich actually does look like an intellectual. Unlike the governor of Texas, he surely knows the voting age. To paraphrase Raymond Chandler, if brains were elastic, Perry wouldn’t have enough to make suspenders for a parakeet.

Republicans have a far greater talent for hypocrisy than easily cowed Democrats do — and no doubt appreciate that in a leader.

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One Nation, Under Arms

(Community Matters) In Vanity Fair: The private papers of the late George F. Kennan, Cold War architect and diplomat extraordinaire

Almost no one alive today has a mature, firsthand memory of a country that used to be very different-that was not a superpower; that did not shroud the workings of its government in secrecy; that did not use ends-justify-the-means logic to erode rights and liberties; that did not undertake protracted wars on the president’s say-so; that had not forgotten how to invest in urgent needs at home; that did not trumpet its greatness even as its shortcomings became more obvious. An American today who is 25 or 50 or even 75-such a person has lived entirely in the America we have become.

Austin Faces AIDS

(Community Matters) “Photographer Jo Ann Santangelo has spent the better part of this year documenting the lives of Austinites living with HIV or AIDs in portraits, audio, and video. She wanted to display those photos and videos in a location with no other baggage attached, to let the documents speak for themselves. After some looking around, she settled upon a portable storage container that has been outfitted as an office space. The container (now named Falcon 5) will be parked at East Fifth and San Marcos for the month of December, and Jo Ann will be on hand every day during that time to talk with folks who come to experience the exhibit.”

On view December 1, 2011 – January 2, 2012

Opening Reception: Friday, December 2, 6:00 – 9:00 pm

At Falcon 5, 1000 E. 5th Street

Hat Tip: Alex Winkelman


(Community Matters) Earlier this year, I decided & announced that Pres Barack Obama is the last elected official I will ever financially support who  doesn’t support marriage equality. Frankly, I can only so enthusiastically support and raise for Pres Obama because I believe he does support my full equality, including marriage.

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Best 2011 LGBT Books

(Community Matters) According to 90 authors

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Commodore Perry Estate

(Community Matters) must be a big deal – Victoria Henrich organizing preview

Commodore Perry Estate

Julie Speed at Flatbed Press

(Community Matters) Artist’s reception for Julie’s etching exhibit at Flatbed Press – Thursday 6 to 8pm. All invited

Photos: Prada Marfa

(Community Matters)

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Policy-Making Philanthropy

(Community Matters) Important article in the NYTimes about philanthropy and advocacy – important because such prominent feature in one of the papers of record.  Provoking perspective – whether lesser transparency, more influence from the affluent is less democratic. I’m proud the KDK-Harman Foundation has been a leader in using philanthropy as advocacy re: public education.

When we first talked about the foundation founders’ education lobby day, it originated from a belief that the wealthy might also the most influential with electeds. And, since so many successful men & women cared so much about Texas education funding, they could be more persuasive with the electeds

There’s also the approach of teaching nonprofit leaders to use advocacy and organizing, in a broader sense.

GRINDR for STr8 Dudes

(Community Matters) For real . . . . BROMANCE

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Jewish Organization LGBT Equality Index

(Community Matters) Appears HRC has been working w/ several Jewish organizations to create an LGBT equality index for Jewish organizations. “The work also will include an assessment of organizations’ cultural competency in delivering services to the LGBT community, such as whether the agency has inclusive language and messaging for LGBT clients, members, students, campers, youth, or parents. ”

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Joaquin Castro on the 20th Congressional District

(Community Matters) Over the telephone, Joaquin told me about the call from Charlie Gonzalez, his decision to retire, and Joaquin’s decision to switch his race to the 20th congressional district. The Castros and the Gonzalez’ go back decades. Joaquin grew up in the 20th (which a Gonzalez has held since before Joaquin & Julian were born). The 20th district is the crown jewel of the San Antonio delegation.  San Antonio Express News story

This leaves CD-35 up for grabs. Reports of various SAT Dems considering. Of course, Tx Attorney General Abbott expected to appeal court drawn redistricting maps to US Supreme Court this week – appeal not expected to succeed. The court maps were drawn by 3 federal judges – 2 Republican and 1 Democrat; 2 Hispanic. We’re talking violations of the Voting Rights Act. Texas chose which path to take by appealing directly to the DC judicial panel which instructed these judges to draw new maps. Interesting chatter about potential CD-25 competition.