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Last Night, American Fiesta at the Colony

(Community Matters) what a treat watching American Fiesta seated next to my husband and in the company of good friends: Molly & Peter Benson and Agapi Stassinopoulos. Before the show we spent time with the Colony’s artistic director Barbara Beckley (in photo with Steven) and the production’s design team:  David Potts (scene design), Jared A. Sayeg (lighting design),   Kate Bergh (costume design) and Dave Mickey (sound).

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Didn’t get to meet the actor (Larry Cedar) and director (David Rose) until after the show when my blackberry had died so missed photos. The audience laughed a lot, gave the performance a standing ovation and were loving on Steven after the show. Larry gave a performance more in the genre of Steven’s Austin production – storytelling, witty. Wouldn’t have minded a bit more energy during the performance – in the sound, Larry’s voice & movement; but our guests didn’t notice its absence. Larry performed Leon with a sassy accent and sassy hips.  I didn’t mind; it made me laugh. We loved the show and our long weekend in LA. We want to spend more time in LA – we love the energy, the neighborhoods, their beaches and the weather.


(Community Matters) Finally had one of their burgers. It’s probably the best fast food hamburger I’ve had since the 70s. The bun was fresh and not smashed, especially cold, crispy lettuce  puts the burger over the top. At the end of the day, it’s still a fast food burger – probably not worth the calories except maybe when rushed.

Samuel Jackson on the Election

(Community Matters) my favorite video of the campaign season

Southern California

(Community Matters) Remind me why we don’t live in Southern California?   Started the cool, overcast morning in Newport Beach, finished in Santa Monica on my way to friends’ in Brentwood. Chilling outside in perfect weather, waiting for Steven.

Greater Determinants of Success Than IQ & Privilege?

(Community Matters) Intuitively we’ve always known it. Think back to the kids who had the most problems – they had security issues, screwed up family lives and just never seemed to get it together. On the other hand, some of us were nestled, coddled, safe in mind, spirit & soul. Brooks on “The Psych Approach,” the link between childhood trauma and adult outcomes.

The link between childhood trauma and adult outcomes was striking. People with an ACE score of 4 were seven times more likely to be alcoholics as adults than people with an ACE score of 0. They were six times more likely to have had sex before age 15, twice as likely to be diagnosed with cancer, four times as likely to suffer emphysema. People with an ACE score above 6 were 30 times more likely to have attempted suicide.

Life is Precious; Loved Ones Maybe Even More So

(Community Matters) Today, flying from Houston to LA I sat next to a young woman and her father. My first thought was hey buddy, you’re sitting in my seat – the coveted 7C, short of an upgrade there’s none better on United.

Then I noticed, he didn’t look so well, so I “inquired” about the seat. He asked if I’d mind trading and take the bulkhead window.  Over the course of the flight I learned he has a very short time to live. Started out as prostrate cancer, then bladder, lung and now bones. On top of it all, he fell and broke his hip, has a blood clot in one leg and has developed a pretty bad wound on his back. They flew to LA for his one last visit to see his older brother. His daughter called it his bucket list wish.

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What Divides Us

(Community Matters) I had to respond to a friend’s post blaming Obama for today’s cultural divide. After pointing out that this political division & rancor has been increasing ever since the Clinton presidency (b/c of the opposition, not Pres Clinton*) and that politics today are played by dividing us, not uniting us, I further shared:

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West Coast Premiere of American Fiesta

(Community Matters) I’ll join Steven in LA tomorrow. Previews for American Fiesta at the Colony start today; it’s opening is Saturday where we’re being joined by Molly & Peter Benson and Agapi Stassinopoulos.

hmm, I’ve been told that Leon has an accent in this production

Dining in Marfa

(Community Matters) it’s an oasis

Thomas Friedman: Backlash to the Backlash

(Community Matters) Encouraging signs?

Inside Air Romney

(Community Matters)  Reads like an SNL skit but I’m pretty sure he meant these comments to assure supportes and donors – Romney political director Rich Beeson in Politico’s Playbook:

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Musical House Committee Chairs

(Community Matters) Politico – open chairmanships due to term limits:

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