Daily Archives: 01/04/2009

Pics from Marfa

(Community Matters) I’ve been a total slacker and haven’t been taking pictures. Consequently so many friends aren’t pictured in this set, especially our Marfa friends who joined us New Years Eve – including Tim Johnson & Caitlin Murray, Ross Cahiola, Tim Crowley & Kristi, Jessie & Daniel Browning, plus Kevin, Shannon, Blair & Justin.

Michael Mitchell, chilling before the party

Richard Hartgrove & Gary Cooper at Cochineal the night prior.
They celebrated their 25th anniversary while in Marfa

Kala Philo, Zac Collier & Kim Hughes

Heath Riddles & Graydon Parrish

Simon Haas & Nick Blaine
stopped by on their way to LA

David Roth & Jessika Mann
David one of my former TAs. He’s living in Boulder, his gf, Jessika in Manhattan

Jan Hughes

Fletcher Locklear & Gail Papermaster

Joe Christie, Kim & Michael

Lawrence Morgan

Margaret Keys & Susan Ghertner

Palo Chalupka & Amy Bryant

Steven & MM

Victoria Corcoran, Jeff Neal & Michael Barnes

Rats, can’t find pics of Jill McRae, Stephen Yelenosky, Tana Christie, Kyle Hughes, Hazel Barbour, Karen Aboussie, Christina Gutierrez, Scott & Jessie Collier and other guests either. total slacker, I.

many thanks to Steven, Kim & Michael Barnes from whom I stole all these pics