Pics from the week

(Community Matters)  Various photos from the week

Milkshake Media’s Randall Macon & Kat Jones
Pretty sure I’ve blogged before about Kat’s model

for corporate branding and how social media is increasingly a critical component.  The best brands help create community – provide a sense of Belonging, Connecting and Enduring.  

Alissa Magrum (CIS), Ken Gladish (ACF) & Barry Aidman (Breakthrough)
Our afternoon panel on Corporate/Nonprofit partnerships was moderated by my good friends, Dr. Ken Gladish (Pres/CEO of the Austin Community Foundation).  Panelists included Amy Bryant (Thinkwell)/Alissa Magrum (Communities in School), Michele Walker-Moak (Applied Materials)/Dr. Barry Aidman (Breakthrough) and Darrell Hunt (NVIDIA)/Adrienne Longenecker (Capital Area Food Bank)

Mark Kramer delivered the keynote

Matt Kouri (Greenlights), Susan McDowell (Lifeworks), Sandy Dochen (IBM), Zeynep Young (Double Line Partners), Sharon Reddhase (Double Line Partners), Michael Willard (Habitat for Humanity)
Kinda interesting.  There were probably only a dozen nonprofit folks out of 160 attending.  Looks as if many sat on the same row.  

Shrove Tuesday at St. James’ Episcopal:

Pat & Pam 
Frank, Frankie & Tina Fernandez

Hugh & Renata

a little music – thx to the 6pm service

Susan & Caroline greeting guests

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