Italians at Vino Vino

(Community Matters) Continuing on our quest to better understand fine spirits and wines, Graham Reynolds & I met at Vino Vino last night to try some Italians.

Neither Jeff nor Jerry were on site but we were ably led through the regions by a woman whose name I failed to write down.

After 6 or 7 whites, we settled on Palazzone as our favorite – my subsequent online research shows widely considered one of the best Brunellos in the region; also a tiny vineyard established by Richard Parsons (as in former CEO of Time Warner). Graham also especially liked the Coenobium for its outrageous herbs & spices (reminded him of a vermouth).

hmm, tried even more reds, though I’m not sure the best Italy had to offer. Might have to set up another Italian date to further explore. Of those we tried, Azienda Agricola Paitin ( a Langhe Nebbiolo Piedmont) won as the favorite. Kinda interesting, I’m just realizing whether gins, tequilas, mescals or Italians, we seem to arrive at consensus.

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