Atticus Circle Luncheon

(Community Matters) today’s Atticus Circle luncheon was the first – and a smashing success. Hard to believe this organization which Anne Wynne launched and Chula Reynolds seeded now has 6,000 supporters.

Chely Wright

Country Western star Chely Wright, Dell Inc and the Texas A&M GLBT Aggies were honored at today’s luncheon. Anne interview Chely and her story about coming out, being a closeted, now an out country western star. It was fantastically well done

Tons and tons of friends at the event. Joining us at our table: Kip Keller, Tana & Joe Christie, Andy Miller & Brian Stephens, Joyce Christian, Graham Reynolds, Diane Land & Steve Adler, Cookie Ruiz. And also at the event – good gosh tons including board members Anne, Brooke Hardie, Mary Herman, John Hildreth, Bill Ikard, Susan Longley, Joann McKenzie,Lucas Schaefer, Courtney Spence – and of course their gracious exec dir. Ruth Gardner-Loew

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