Graham Reynolds & Mother Falcon

(Community Matters) I’d forgotten about his genius composing classical and indie-classical music – yeah, I know, how can one forget. I’ve become so enamored of his Duke Ellington and maybe come to think of him as just my friend . . .

Saturday night at the US Art Authority, Mother Falcon opened the evening’s show. Ok, double wow. “Mother Falcon is led by Nick Gregg, who directs an ever-shifting flock of classical musicians in a soundscape of strings, brass, and drums with a modern sensibility.” The Austin Chronicle describes them here

I asked Graham to describe them: “I consider them part of this broad “movement” or scene called either alt-classical or indie-classical.  Of course there were alternative composers to the mainstream before this movement, but there was also new music before “new wave”, etc.  It’s a reference to alt-rock and suggests not only a style of music but also a business style, types of gigs/venues, etc.  It’s something that’s been happening internationally.  I would put Peter, myself and Golden Hornet Project in this rough category as well.  Outside of Austin it includes groups/composers from Rachels from Louisville, Gabriel Prokofiev/Nonclassical Records in London, Wordless Music/Poisson Rouge in NYC, Tin Hat in San Fran/Portland, etc.  The list is long and the music ranges widely.”

Back to Graham’s set – he played his new work, The Difference Engine. Accompanied by 4 violins, a drum, a bass and a cello the composition of 5 movements includes a triple concerto of the piano, violin and cello. Also includes some familiar threads. Can’t recommend it enough – purchase here

After the show a few friends including Graham, John Riede, choreographer Andrea Ariel and a few members  (new friends) of Mother Falcon returned to my house huddled around an outside fire until an hour I’m usually waking up.

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