2012 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalists

(Community Matters) the list of finalists has just been released. A great group including several friends.

  1. Timothy League, Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas
  1. Dan Graham, BuildASign.com
  1. Barry Evans, Calxeda, Inc,
  1. Glenn Garland & Jim Stimmel, CLEAResult
  1. Jeffrey Dachis, Dachis Group
  1. Allen Gilmer, Drilling Info, Inc.
  1. Brian Sharples, HomeAway, Inc.
  1. Jonny Jones, Jones Energy Ltd
  1. Phil Miner, The Miner Corporation
  1. John Arrow, Mutual Mobile
  1. Kevin Cunningham and Mark McClain, SailPoint
  1. Samir “Sam” G. Hanna, SAM, Inc. (Survey And Mapping, Inc.)
  1. Gail Summers Page, Vermillion, Inc.

The Silverton Foundation Social Entrepreneur Finalists have been selected and will be announced shortly.   ditto a great group including friends

honored to serve on the EOY Advisory Board & as a judge for the Silverton Foundation Social Entrepreneur Award

One response to “2012 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalists

  1. I don’t know the other nominees but this much I can say: Working for Brian Sharples is an honor and a privilege. I can also speak for all of the staff I work with. We trust his decisions and the vision he has. HomeAway will make a global positive difference for so many. All top honors should go to Brian without a doubt. He is a true leader with a vision who makes things happen. Kudos to Brian!

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