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EF CEO Summit on Corporate Culture

sunni brown(Community Matters) Plans coming along swimmingly for the April 28 Entrepreneurs Foundation’s CEO Summit on Corporate Culture. Discussion leaders include Brett Hurt on corporate culture during the launch; Rackspace’s Henry Sauer on corporate culture in recruiting & retention of talent; Bill Bock on corporate culture during transitions & crises;  Kirk Dando on corporate culture during growth; Gene Austin on community involvement; and New York-based serial entrepreneur, Nancy Harvey, on corporate culture in communications. Doubly excited Steven Tomlinson is facilitating and Sunni Brown’s company helping us plan, execute and document using games and mind maps. Jones Dilworth Inc. (Josh Jones-Dilworth & Kevin LaHaise our partners in everything way cool) are helping us record and publish. much fun!

Should have called this EF & Capital Factory CEO Summit on EmployeeAwesomeness (the great thinker Joshua Baer another much fun partner in all good we do).



The Secret to Success

(Community Matters) It really is:



Costa Rica

(Community Matters) Quick trip to San Jose, Costa Rica joining Steven for business. Too little time, too much to do. I’m reconnoitering for a vacation.

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haven’t been able to get nearly where all wish – including the four seasons which is over 3 hours away nor on a zip line!  Super driver and guide, Manuel Acuna.

Public Accomodations: Can’t Discriminate

(Community Matters) “By not taking the case, Elane v. Willock, the Supreme Court leaves intact the state court ruling that said businesses that ‘choose to be public accommodations must comply’ with the non-discrimination law.” Towelroad