Daily Archives: 07/26/2014

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(Community Matters) I haven’t given up, just haven’t had my voice lately. No worries, about to come out of my cocoon – not sure what the metamorphosis.

but, lately, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our marriage (Salt Spring Island, British Columbia), witnessed & celebrated the marriage of Will & Natalie Meredith in Santa Barbara with several dear friends in addition to Lynn, Tommie, Sarah & Abby including the Winkelmans, visited extensively over the long weekend w/ Tana, Joe, Molly & Peter, enjoyed 5 wonderful days in San Francisco with dear friends including Taylor & Katherine, James & Cheston, Cesar, Jessika & David (including watching David’s standup act & celebrating his birthday), celebrated July 4 a day early with dinner at Suzanne & Chandler’s, celebrated July 4 at the house over dinner with 10 of our closest friends, witnessed & celebrated the marriage of Joaquin & Anna Castro in San Antonio, joined the Huggins Family for a reunion in Eastern Oklahoma, attended an Innovation Summit at the White House, celebrated Pride at the White House, enjoyed a gorgeous dinner at Jezzebel with Michael & Kip before we all dispersed for holidays, and have been spending lots of time on Steve Adler’s race for Austin mayor (it’s going well. The wind is at our back).

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