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David Brooks: The Art of an Illusionist; a World Class Contortionist

Brooks_New-articleInline(Community Matters)  The Art of an Illusionist; a World Class Contortionist: I’ll grant you usually elegant prose . . . yet few people mislead readers as regularly by distorting assumptions & selective citation of facts as David Brooks. He’s perfected the art of launching with misleading assumptions. Framing Democrats concerned for the outsourcing of more middle class jobs as a Democratic Tea Party is typical Brook’s illusionist art  – The Democratic Tea Party. 

There is no doubt that globalization (especially badly negotiated and enforced) has hurt America’s middle class; that it’s cost us millions of middle class jobs. I agree it reduces poverty around the world. If we’d adequately fund the social safety net which is intended to provide for systemic un- & under- employment and enforce labor & trade provisions as well as adequately fund dislocation & retraining programs, I’d be for the expansion of free trade. I’m not completely against this free trade agreement, how could I be? It’s provisions are national secrets. Let’s debate the agreement & its provisions openly.

oh, and equating the secrecy of a treaty on nuclear armament to one about jobs and goods . . . David Copperfield watch out.