Inauguration Day 2

(Community Matters) Pardon the quick post of pics from today. Long day. Tired 🙂

the Cramers at the Lincoln Memorial Opening Ceremonies

Dio got creative before we left the house


at Ben/Melanie Barnes & Bernie/Audrey Rapoport’s party
Lynn Meredith, Susan (?), Alexa Lange

Steve Adler/Diane Land

Tom & Kate Meredith

Marc Winkelman

Alexa Winkelman, Kate & Sarah Meredith

at Penny Pritzker’s Party at the Park
Alexa, Adrienne Donato, Blaine Wesner, Amy Rudy

at Norman Lear’s party – Norman Lear

Suzanne Deal Booth, Agape Huffington, Patricia Duff, Ambassador Paolino

Nuttin’ But Stringz

Mother Jones’ David Corn & Agape

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