Inauguration Day 4

(Community Matters) Today’s inauguration. Hard to describe, though that sure isn’t limited to those who attended. I read Facebook postings this afternoon which showed those watching on tv got everybit those of us in the audience felt. Hope, inclusion, diversity, competence. We were lucky arriving and getting through security. Long story but we arrived very leisurely and late relative to others. Lucky for us the back of the orange line became the beginning of the orange line when they opened that checkpoint, so I think we only waited 15 minutes. We emerged to shouts of “hey, the orange line is A LIE.” See a Meredith for other telling orange line stories. Being actually there was of course an extraordinary privilege. And, as expected, the sun warmed us up (not to mention several layers, some thermol). Ran into friends on the grounds. Observed one of my best friends, Kirk Rudy, on the platform just behind the podium. Eight national finance committee members were selected to sit on stage, Kirk – very appropriately – represented those of us from Texas & Oklahoma. .Steven visited with Kirk & Coop Watson and Juan Sepulveda & Teresa Nino all queueing for the potty. Kirk & Coop stood earlier with Tom Hanks.

Mickey & Jeanne Klein

Suzanne Winkelman & family

Bruce Springstein was seated behind the Winks for a while but had been ushered to even cusher digs by the time I found them.

Meredith women (though sans Abby)

As they were showing various politicians entering the platform, the crowd responded enthusiastically to Powell, Gore, the Clintons and especially Jimmy Carter. They stayed mostly silent during the introduction of GWH Bush, a little (thankfully not much) booing during 43’s introducing. Though, earlier twice when Senator Lieberman was shown on the screen, very loud boos – deserved?

I thought President Obama gave an excellent inaugural speech – including that we reject as false the choice between the safety of our country and ideas and how we will lead again. Many other important points as well, though a very long day. I’m looking forward to reading the full text tomorrow.

What most stood out today was everyone’s great spirits. Even though roads were blocked, people were having to walk far in the cold, were bumping into each other, sometimes cutting off one another, spirits remained high and folks (nearly 2mm) extraordinarily cordial and respectful. That so many African Americans participated which such enthusiasm, this signals a huge milestone in our nation’s history.

Steven and I had a wonderful meal tonight with the Merediths/Winkelmans and their guests. We decided against the Southern Inaugration Ball and gave away our tickets. We couldn’t top today, Denver and Grant Park, especially after such a warm, intimate dinner where we discussed what today means and how it impacts us and those we love.

Happy President Barack Hussein Obama Day.

much love,

there’s an album of even more photos 
on my facebook page – Obama’s Inauguration

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