Acton Academy

(Community Matters) I stopped by the Acton Academy’s open house on Wednesday to hear more about the initiative from Laura & Jeff Sandefer.

A montessori enriched environment, with project-based learning, apprenticeships, socratic dialogue based on classic literature, arts, language, sports, character development, free market and individual liberty curriculum, multiple intelligence testing, friendships, community, love, respect, accountability, achievement? Yes! It’s true. Oh, and each student will be taught by the methods which work for them – individually.

Jeff & Laura Sandefer (center & right) at the Acton Academy

Our friends have either met Laura & Jeff or know of them from the Acton MBA in Entrepreneurship. They are very dear friends – Jeff & Steven friends and colleagues for more than a decade. The same extraordinary intellect, planning, research, passion & treasure being invested by them into this elementary school initiative as they’ve done to build one of the three best MBA programs in the country (according to the Princeton Review).

Jeff’s & Laura’s two sons – Charlie & Sam – will be attending this school, located at 1106 West Ave, across the street from Pease Elementary. The open house continues through Friday from 10 to noon. They are accepting students aged 6 – 10 for their inaugural year. If I had a child this age, I’d be sending her. I have tried figuring out how my brother and sister-in-law can be convinced to “send Paulina to boarding school” (ie., to live with us & attend Acton), but since this recommendation has fallen on deaf ears as discussed about my nephew, I know they won’t – rats.

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