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Bishop Greg Rickel at St James

(Community Matters) Our dear friend Bishop Greg Rickel, St James’ former rector will preach at St James tomorrow at 11am.

It’s the Holidays

(Community Matters) Steven’s on a 48 hour deadline with 72 hours of work, so Karl Scholz stepped in as my date.

Diane Land & Steve Adler and Kathy & Dwayne Thomspon won a private Kat Edmonson concert on the Paramount stage at a live auction. A cocktail/food reception followed by a 1 hour private performance. I haven’t heard Kat in a while & since Vino Vino; she was awesome. Heaps of friends in addition to the hosts including Paramount jefe Jim Ritts, Jeanne & Mickey Klein, Amy & Kirk Rudy, Liz & Sen Kirk Watson, Suzanne & Marc Winkelman, Trisa Thompson, Darlene & Dan Byrnes, MariBen Ramsey & Karen Kahan, and Gail & Jeff Kodosky

Followed by Juliana Sciaraffa’s and Manny Lee’s birthday bash in Allendale – outstanding Brazilian caterer, btw. Joined Milinda Mitchell, Michael Mitchell and met some new friends including Charlotte & Ben Johnson.

Husband was groggily reading by the time I returned home. So, then me in my steaming pool house watching Black Swan; I cannot watch such weird movies!

Of course big news of the night was SCOTUS’ scuttling of court drawn Congressional, State House & State Senate districts. Texts and emails during the concert about who might be stepping out/in for what.

Kirk Lynn, USA Fellow

(Community Matters) Rude Mechanical’s Kirk Lynn won one of 50 annual fellowships which comes with a $50k award. from Jeanne Claire van Ryzin.

I just learned about this last night from Jeanne Klein who (w/ Mickey & the Booths) is on the US Artists National Leadership Committee).

more on USA Fellows

Ann Coulter

(Community Matters) Ann Coulter:

I Want DADT For All Of Society, I’m Sick Of Hearing About The Gays

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