Daily Archives: 03/25/2012

Work Near Metro Stations

(Community Matters) I’m blown away by a seismic omission in Ben Wear’s story about economic development around Cap Metro’s commuter rail stations. How in the heck ignore the economic catastrophe we’ve endured since inauguration of the line in 2008.  Seriously, to not acknowledge that debt markets for new development and retail expansion have been locked down during most of that time is irresponsible.

btw, it wasn’t a company that provided the land donations at the MLK station, it was Tom & Lynn Meredith and their family.

I know Ben’s usually good but suppose Jim & Gerald must have incriminating pictures or something

$40k per Homeless

(Community Matters) Interesting to read in PolitiFact that the homeless cost about $40k per year (apparently a modest estimate) for emergency and public services – good argument for cost efficient programs to house and move away from homelessness. Of course, strictly from a cost perspective, this means saving the marginal monies, and in states that spend those monies.