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Atticus Circle

(Community Matters) Big win, today’s luncheon benefiting Atticus Circle. Honored: my dear friend, Broadway producer & philanthropist Paul Boskind; David & Amy Troung, parents of Asher Brown, a teen bullying victim who committed suicide; and former TCU football player Vincent Pryor who came out while in college. After his interview and while still on stage, Vincent asked his partner of 13 years, Alan Detlaff, to marry him – Alan accepted.

Founder Anne Wynn, executive director Ruth Gardner-Loew, the co-chairs and all the board members did an excellent job. Thank you, thank you, thank you

SXSW: How to Do It Like a Local

(Community Matters) I was talking with David Modigliani at lunch today. We were talking about the next few weeks and he mentioned this video. Tips to share with friends coming in for SXSW

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US Economy

(Community Matters) important reminders from Gen McCaffrey’s Iran presentation (see two postings below) – one slide:

Sen. Olympia Snowe’s ¿Retirement?

(Community Matters) Interesting supposition:

Politico Playbook: NYMag’s Jonathan Chait, “Will Olympia Snowe join Americans Elect?”: “Snowe’s statement seems unusually specific (‘unique opportunities to build support for that change from outside the United States Senate’) about her intent to do something. I suspect it may not be coincidental that David Boren, the former Democratic senator from Oklahoma and oil industry lickspittle, came out for Americans Elect today. The group is set up so that its presidential and vice-presidential candidates need to come from opposing parties.” http://

War with Iran?

(Community Matters) Per Salon, via Playbook, “Gen. McCaffrey [retired] privately briefs NBC execs on war with Iran . . . he all but predicts war with Iran within the next 90 days: one that is likely to be started by them.”   PowerPoint


Official Liquid-Plumr Double Impact Commercial

(Community Matters)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Hottest Chorus Boys

(Community Matters) 10 hottest chorus boys in NY musicals per TimeOut New York


Hat Tip: JoeMyGod

Marine’s Return Home Kiss

(Community Matters) went viral


some background

Charles Murray’s, Coming Apart: The State of White America

(Community Matters) notes while reading:

Symbolic Analysts (Robert Reich), Cognitive Elite (Murray & Herrnstein), Bourgeois Bohemians (David Brooks), the Creative Class (Richard Florida) – the managerial & professional occupations of the upper middle class. Those who run the nation’s economic, political and cultural institutions the new upper class.

Murray defines the new upper class as top 5% of adults ages 25 & older in managerial positions in medicine, law, engineering, architecture, sciences, universities & content-production jobs.

Status-income disequilibrium.

Cognitive ability and cognitive segregation – this resonates. Plus, cultural capital is an advantage to entry into the elite universities (read: Daniel Golden’s *The Price of Admission*), or is it homogamy?

Socialeconomic segregation. I’ve been talking about this for years – the real culprit & increasing risk in Austin. Austin is even cited as one of three cities.

How thick is your bubble? Too many Americans today know nothing about the lives of other Americans.

Murray’s The Founding Virtues – industriouness, honesty, marriage & religiosity. Ok, my turn to drive now

We’re All Threatened

(Community Matters) David Brooks – The Possum Republicans. I might be abstaining from partisan politics – endorsing, giving and raising – yet I’m damn sure participating in civil discourse about politics.

Not sure what’s the fix to the phenomenon David Brooks references. It was operatives who incubated brown shirt tactics flaming cries for religious and national purity, for rolling back women’s gains, even the availability of contraception. This doesn’t only threaten a party, it threatens the entire country. Encouraging honorable people to stand up against these cries isn’t only one party’s challenge, we’re all threatened. It could take an independent candidate in 2016.

The Table

(Community Matters) You know it’s been a good night when the table is spilling over with plates, glasses, bottles of wine, tequila, brandy and grapa.

Lovely evening at our dear friend Julie’s & Fran’s with our dear friend Tim Johnson and three new friends Garrick Stephens, Jamie & Constance Garza.

Austin’s International Hostel

(Community Matters) I’ll be bummed if the International Hostel I helped launch in 1988 isn’t allowed to remain at the old, Tow Lake. We spent lots of money & sweat equity repairing the place and pay rent. It’s an important hospitality asset for our community. AAS story