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Gay High School Football Player

(Community Matters)  Gay high school football player finds acceptance amid homophobia in rural America

Editor’s note: Jeremy is a high school football player in rural America. Outsports knows his full identity, including what school he goes to, but is only using a first name for reasons that will be clear when you read the story. Jeremy also has a fantastic blog, “Standing Up Speaking Now,” where he chronicles his coming out.

By Jeremy

My name is Jeremy. I’m 17 and a junior in high school. I’m a good student, a driven guy with ambitions, a football player, a track runner, and I’m gay. Saying the latter has always been a challenge, and up until recently I couldn’t accept it; thankfully that’s changed.

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They Have Become the Pharisees. And We need Jesus

(Community Matters) Andrew Sullivan (okay, I’m finally over being over him). “The Bishops’ Obsession With The Sex Lives Of Others”

They’ve been dominating the news, haven’t they? And they are prepared to go down screaming over contraception in health insurance plans handled between patient and insurer. Letters were read recently in every parish. They planned a campaign against any compromise for months.

But ask yourself: where were they on a much more fundamental cause for Catholics: universal healthcare? Were they anything like as vocal?

Where were they when the Bush administration was practizing and authorizing the torture and abuse and robbing of human dignity of terror suspects? The Pope never obliquely mentioned these categorical evils when visiting the US and cozying up to the war criminals in the Bush administration?

Where have they been on tackling climate change – a sacred obligation for Catholics according to the Pope they follow so fanatically? continued

Must Read

(Community Matters) Charles Murray’s Coming Apart & Thomas Frank’s Pity the Billionaire. gotta read these two next.







Charlie Rose interview of Charles Murray here

Most Expensive Cities in the World

(Community Matters)

  1. Zurich, Switzerland
  2. Tokyo, Japan
  3. tied: Geneva, Switzerland and Osaka/Kobe, Japan
  4. .
  5. Oslo, Norway
  6. Paris, France
  7. Sydney, Australia
  8. Melbourne, Australia
  9. Singapore
  10. Frankfurt, Germany

Hat Tip: Huffington Post