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Right Wing Arizona Sheriff

(Community Matters)  s-u-r-p-r-i-s-e :  I’m gay

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Semen Caper

(Community Matters) happy to hear the Marfa burglars have been caught. How they left semen behind is still a mystery.  While we were in Marfa over the holidays my friends were robbed and noticed the semen stains in their home. Two teens arrested

Cobra Rock Boot Company

(Community Matters) You definitely want a pair of Colt Miller’s custom boots and to check out Logan Caldbeck’s photography. The Real Artists of Marfa

Copper Canyon Drought and Hunger

(Community Matters) an excellent story about West Texas residents helping their neighbors to the south, Mexicans of Sierra Tarahumara suffering as a result of the drought – in Big Bend Now

A Digitally Empowered Campaign

(Community Matters)

The Guardian: Obama, Facebook and the Power of Friendship

TPM: Project Narwhal

What Do We Know?

(Community Matters)

Yanko Tsvetkov image

from The Dish posting on insularity of American world knowledge. Certainly in line with the anti-intellectual, anti-elitist wave spreading across the country. We’re encouraging study abroad among our nephews, nieces and godchildren.

Andrew on Israel

(Community Matters) Earlier in the week I mentioned the scientist and diplomat assassinations.

On another plane, Andrew Sullivan was writing, Is Israel a Sponsor of Proxy Terrorism?, about the NBC story of Israel sponsoring an Iranian opposition group (deemed terrorists by the American government) to carry out the assassinations of Iranian scientists

A reminder: I don’t object to extraordinary measures to prevent the current government of Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons

The Power of Women

(Community Matters) This week was seriously surreal – a Congressional panel holding hearings about contraception, the right thereto, and excluding even one female voice from the official, in-person witnesses?

I started suggesting in jest, that women withhold sex from men until this shit clears up. The more I’ve thought about it, the more awesome the potential expressed power of women around the world – of course not just sex. Moms extorting their sons, daughters scolding their dads, and sure, don’t underestimate the power of wives, girlfriends and other consorts refusing physical intimacy to men. Even to completely supportive men. The world, or at least the country, no sex from women for men for 7 days, I give it 14 at most – and the heads of House Oversight Committee Chair Darrell Issa (Boehner and Cantor too for that matter) on a silver platter like John the Baptist for Salome.

As I was discussing this with a few women yesterday, we imagined the power for women to demand the end of wars, the removal of Kings, Presidents, Bishops and Popes.

my friend Susan wrote to remind me that Aristophanes proposed this very thing in the 3rd century BC; his play is called “Lysistrata”. Lynn wrote to suggest all LGBT Americans should join the hiatus in solidarity, hmm. . . didn’t think anyone would catch this, grrr.

Jeb Bush

(Community Matters) the new GOP presidential contender? So some say if Romney doesn’t win Michigan.

Canada Changes Rules for My Divorce

(Community Matters) Well, thank gosh, I never see it happening (so long as ST never opens my Austin Wine Merchant monthly statements)

Steven and I were married in BC, Canada in 2004. Per existing rules, one of us must move to and live in Canada for a year in order to be granted a divorce in Canada – which would be required since Texas doesn’t yet recognize our marriage and wouldn’t grant a divorce.

Under a proposed law, if we live in a state that won’t recognize our Canadian marriage nor grant a divorce, we could get a Canadian divorce after being broken up for a year. Canadian divorce for non-residents

DOJ on Laws Discriminating Against Servicemembers

(Community Matters) Many thanks to Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama for notifying Congress that they will no longer defend laws discriminating against gay servicemembers or their families.  TPM