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American Fiesta

(Community Matters) John McGivern is performing Steven’s American Fiesta in three cities this season – Racine, WI here

Austin Desert

(Community Matters) I know we’re in a drought but didn’t think we’re yet a desert – spotted today at Riverside & Parker

New Enterpreneurs Foundation Director

(Community Matters) After reviewing 87 resumes, telephone interviews with 28 candidates and intensive interviewing of the 5 finalists by me, other staff members and two board members . . . . Leigh Christie is the Entrepreneurs Foundation’s new director of programs.

Leigh’s been running our Lemonade Day program the last four years and has surpassed her goals each year while staying on or under budget. Leigh’s a merit scholar who graduated summa cum laude from St Edwards, earned a legal degree from Seattle, rose quickly in her law firm and is returning full time to the labor force as her second child enters elementary school. She won the RISE social entrepreneur case competition last year.  She’s a dear family friend; I can’t wait to be working closely day to day.

Sugar as Deadly as Fat?

(Community Matters) from Politico’s Playbook

DRIVING THE CONVERSATION – “Is sugar toxic? … New studies suggest sugar contributes to heart disease and cancer – ’60 Minutes’ Sunday”: “Dr. Robert Lustig, a pediatric endocrinologist at the University of California [at San Francisco], believes the high amount of sugar in the American diet, much of it in processed foods, is killing us. And as Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports, new studies seem to support his theory that sugar is toxic … [T]he liver gets overloaded with fructose and converts come of it into fat, which gets into the bloodstream to create ‘small dense LDL,’ the kind of LDL that forms plaque in arteries. The irony here is that for precisely that reason – avoiding heart disease – a government commission in the 1970s mandated that we lower our fat consumption. ‘ When you take the fat out of food, it tastes like cardboard,’ says Dr. Lustig. ‘And the food industry knew that, so they replaced it with sugar…and guess what? Heart disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and death are skyrocketing.” Text  Video 

more: April 2011 NYT


(Community Matters) Odd Blood: Serodiscordancy, or, Life With an HIV-Positive Partner in the Atlantic. One of the strangest stories I’ve read in a while – I’d say more about addiction and love than living with HIV

EF Live Auction Dinner

(Community Matters) At our poker tournament, John Gorman purchased dinner at Suzanne & David Booth’s with entertainment. Last night one of our favorite private chefs (Andrew Brooks) cooked for 16 friends and Peter Stopchinski performed. David pulled out the stops and pulled out favored wines. A gorgeous dinner on the terrace overlooking Lake Austin – our hosts, John, Tamra, Lindsey & Ford, Steven and eight other guests. Great evening.

Affordable Housing Bond Money

(Community Matters) Well spent in Austin

Ancestral Austin: Faulk-Koock-Kuykendall Clan

(Community Matters) Another home run from Michael Barnes in his Out & About Column/Blog – the Faulk-Koock-Kuykendall Family – Part I

the Faulk-Koock-Kuykendall Family – Part 2

in honor of Trayvon Martin and as a call for civility

Wine Ratings

(Community Matters) Speaking of Parker ratings – enjoyed scrolling through this 2009 WSJ article on wine ratings

EF’s Program Director

(Community Matters) so now the big decision – we’re in finalist round of interviews with 5 outstanding candidates to replace Amanda. Finished interviews yesterday – now . . . how the heck decide when they all score Parker high 90s?


Car Jackings

(Community Matters) two in north austin just last night – not a good sign

As I’m coming to learn, this sort of violent crime is played down and often not reported. Wondering if there’s been many others and we just haven’t heard