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(Community Matters) Our friends Turk & Christy Pipkin founded the Nobelity Project  in 2005 in order to make movies that make a difference. collaborating with Nobel laureates and other inspiring leaders to enlighten and motivate people into action.  They build classrooms, libraries, water projects in Kenya and last night announced plans to plant 1mm trees in Bastrop.

DJ Spooky and the Tosca String Quartet opened. The most awesome foursome of Austin – Shawn Colvin, Joe Ely, Charlie Sexton and Bob Schneider closed. Tons and tons of friends attending. We joined Suzanne Deal Booth, Kathy Valentine & friends. Nearby, the Merediths, the Winkelmans, Nancy Scanlon, Fred & Kathryn Miller (his new film, When Angels Sing, coming out in the fall), & everyone

Acton Challenge in Energy, Real Estate & Education

(Community Matters) way cool – know an undiscovered superstar in real estate, energy or education who could really benefit from a leading national mentor – not to mention $10k? Check out these Acton challenge programs in all three industries – energyreal estate, education innovation. From all submissions, 40 will be chosen for a week in Austin, from them 10 for intensive 14 weeks mentoring by leading national figures

Work Near Metro Stations

(Community Matters) I’m blown away by a seismic omission in Ben Wear’s story about economic development around Cap Metro’s commuter rail stations. How in the heck ignore the economic catastrophe we’ve endured since inauguration of the line in 2008.  Seriously, to not acknowledge that debt markets for new development and retail expansion have been locked down during most of that time is irresponsible.

btw, it wasn’t a company that provided the land donations at the MLK station, it was Tom & Lynn Meredith and their family.

I know Ben’s usually good but suppose Jim & Gerald must have incriminating pictures or something

$40k per Homeless

(Community Matters) Interesting to read in PolitiFact that the homeless cost about $40k per year (apparently a modest estimate) for emergency and public services – good argument for cost efficient programs to house and move away from homelessness. Of course, strictly from a cost perspective, this means saving the marginal monies, and in states that spend those monies.

San Diego

(Community Matters) need advice on a San Diego trip with niece (9yo) & nephew (13yo) – ambitions: Lego Land, beach, Sea World,  . . . though, maybe arrival afternoon at beach, then 2 days at Lego complex. Reading there’s a waterpark there too, even need Sea World? hmm, and SD zoo – gotta do that don’t we?

Where to stay? How to organize days – arrive on a Sunday, depart on Wednesday.

Busy Week

(Community Matters) I’m alive, just crazy busy week. Thursday nights ADL Torch of Liberty dinner was inspiring – just being in the room with much less meeting Prof Elie Weisel . . .

Thursday and Friday to Midland for KXWT meetings (which went exceedingly well by the way). Since our Saturday breakfast cancelled, Frank Schubert and I decided to spend 13 hours in Marfa. On our way to dinner with Julie, Fran and Thomas Kellein. Then back to Midland early in the morning back to Austin so can do Ballet Austin’s The Light Saturday night and the Nobelity Project’s Artist and Fimmakers Dinner on Sunday.

Firebombing of Tx State Senator Wendy Davis’ Office

(Community Matters) No reported clues on who or why Senator Davis’ Ft Worth office was firebombed. In the Ft Worth Star Telegram, Wendy notes memories of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ Jan 2011 shooting and necessary concerns about safety.

Awesome Ideas? The Awesome Foundation

(Community Matters) Need funding for your crazy, Awesome, brilliant idea? Our friend Randall Macon is on the Austin board of the Awesome Foundation. Once a month they make a $1,000 grant. According to Randall, “Depending upon how compelling the idea it can be money to launch or support existing [ventures].  Our first grantee converts vacant phone booths into public art.”

Your idea is yours alone. We don’t want a stake in it. We just want to help you make it happen.

Bob Dylan to Marfa Book Company?

(Community Matters) Tim Johnson is a very dear friend and the owner of Marfa Book Company – one of the great remaining independent bookstores in the country.

Had to steal his facebook story:

Tim Johnson: I’m talking to this older guy this afternoon, and he’s got a sort of cool, older school rock vibe about him. And he asks me, “My boss wants to know about Marfa, what books should I get him.” So I take him around the store, talking to him about things. And when we’re finished, he hands me his credit card and it says: Charlie Sexton. Naturally, I’m like, “Oh, man you’ve played with Bob Dylan.” He says, “Yeah, man that’s my boss.” So, I’m shocked, but I offer to show him my (only-half-jokey) Dylanology Section… And he asks me, “Would you like to write Bob a letter and tell him about this?” So, I did. And I invited him to play the store. And I closed by wishing him the best!

Nina Campbell Feferman

(Community Matters) Rachel & Michael Feferman are two of our favorite former MBA students – so excited there’s now a Nina Campbell Feferman. She was born yesterday at 4:04pm – weighing 8lb 1oz and is 21 inches long.

Nina w/ her aunt, Rebecca Feferman


(Community Matters) with age come certain medical procedures. Passed my “scoping” w/ flying colors 🙂

gotta say, even the prepping wasn’t as arduous as everyone made out. This is probably less threatening to gay men anyhow – and to physiologically enlightened straight men so I hear.

Barton Springs & Zilker Park

(Community Matters) One of Michael Barnes’ best ever profiles – Living in the Park at the Zilker Caretaker’s Cottage

proud of our dear friend Bertha Means’ citation in the story