Bob Dylan to Marfa Book Company?

(Community Matters) Tim Johnson is a very dear friend and the owner of Marfa Book Company – one of the great remaining independent bookstores in the country.

Had to steal his facebook story:

Tim Johnson: I’m talking to this older guy this afternoon, and he’s got a sort of cool, older school rock vibe about him. And he asks me, “My boss wants to know about Marfa, what books should I get him.” So I take him around the store, talking to him about things. And when we’re finished, he hands me his credit card and it says: Charlie Sexton. Naturally, I’m like, “Oh, man you’ve played with Bob Dylan.” He says, “Yeah, man that’s my boss.” So, I’m shocked, but I offer to show him my (only-half-jokey) Dylanology Section… And he asks me, “Would you like to write Bob a letter and tell him about this?” So, I did. And I invited him to play the store. And I closed by wishing him the best!

One response to “Bob Dylan to Marfa Book Company?

  1. People I meet outside our Big Bend area (and even some that do) don’t believe me when I tell them how special (and popular) the tiny and remote Marfa, TX is. I tell non-believers (and believers, too) to Google “Marfa + weddings” to see for themselves. With couples coming from all over the US to get married in Marfa, it seems proof that anyone who is positive thinking and open minded can feel it, too.

    Love this story about how just speaking up can make all the difference in the world!

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