June 23

tom henderson bettie naylor(Community Matters) It’s Melissa, Drew’s, Michael’s & Milinda’s tradition to celebrate Tom Henderson’s birthday (June 23) with dinner. Tom was Melissa’s daddy; Michael’s husband. I always remember (& Bettie Naylor’s b/d too), though haven’t always been able to join for dinner. Fun to do so last night, along with Steven, Will Roman and Matt Wolski (taking this pic). Tom would have been 65 yesterday – he died Dec 1999.


(first photo: Tom, Bettie & I can’t recall name of the other gentleman @ a party Ted Smith hosted in my honor (City of Austin Eugene Sepulveda Day) in the early 90s. I think the other gentleman was named Marvin – he was GWB’s godfather, forsaken for being gay, which broke his heart.)


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