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Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Steve Adler for Mayor of Austin – #8

steve adler(Community Matters) Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Steve Adler for Austin’s Mayor

#8 – Steve knows how to define success. Under Mike Martinez’s leadership Capital Metro slashed free rides for seniors and the disabled and borrowed $35 million – all while ridership decreased. Mike Martinez calls this success.

Over the course of the last eight years–seven of which Martinez was on the Cap Metro Board–the transit agency went from zero dollars in debt to over $35 million, cost per trip has increased by 105 percent, and overall agency expenses have doubled.  For a transit agency to take on that level of debt and expenses, there would be the expectation that ridership would also have seen a dramatic increase.  But no, ridership today is actually down by 4 percent from its numbers in 2006.

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