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Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Steve Adler for Austin’s Mayor #6

Document2(Community Matters) Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Steve Adler for Austin’s Mayor

#6 Steve Adler is a man of integrity who values people, above the line behavior & focuses on solving Austin’s problems. Steve’s primary opponent uses South Carolina Super PACs to spread lies and innuendo – regrettably, not uncharacteristic behavior. We’ve seen Mike’s contempt for anyone who challenges his position and against citizens and voters in emails made public through subpoena. Mike sorta means well but isn’t ready for the big chair.

post script. facts cited from AusChron: What a legacy, Martinez the first to bring super PAC money to a local Texas election*: What’s different in this case is the external “Super PAC” (IRS “527 organization”) enabled in the aftermath of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision to allow essentially unlimited “independent” spending. South Forward campaign ($10,000, at least) represents “the camel’s nose under the tent” of Texas campaign law. “It may not look like a big deal,” Wood said, “but it is a big deal, if they get away with it. … If they get away with it, everybody will be doing it.” *according to Attorney Buck Wood, an authority in these matters (he helped rewrite Texas campaign finance law in the Seven­ties).

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