Daily Archives: 01/30/2015

Refuse Silence

Eugene Out About 052909(Community Matters) To our dear Muslim friends & Muslims all over this state, I am so embarrassed about yesterday at the Texas Capitol. I’m sorry how ignorant some fellow Texans (the state rep) & even a visiting Tennessean (the showboat, lunatic woman protestor who appears to do this all over the country for a living) acted. They do not reflect the love, understanding nor radical hospitality you can certainly expect from me, Steven, our families and our friends . . . to people of all faiths – very definitely including Muslims.

There is no excuse for this ignorance and hate. It’s simply small-minded fear stoked by irresponsible pundits, politicians and clergy. There is, unfortunately, real reason for all of us to be fearful. If actions are not taken to defuse the hate, if politicians, pundits and clergy do not dial back their Reichskanzler-ish rhetoric, the physical threat from these zealots will grow.

I promise not to be silent. The next time I hear a politician speaking such trash – even when they try to code it – I will speak up. I believe this is happening at every political level today. I don’t care if these politicians are white, black, brown or cuban – they’ve got to stop. They are potentially as dangerous as the fourth of six children.