Daily Archives: 01/31/2015

Czar Putin’s Next Moves

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 5.53(Community Matters) Thomas Friedman’s column – Czar Putin’s Next Moves. I spent a lot of time in the Baltics in the 90s, especially in Riga, Latvia. Witnessed first hand the strife between Latvians and Russian nationals. Russians still comprise a quarter of the Latvian population and over 50% of Latvia’s second largest city, Daugavpils – which is located in the far south, very close to the Belarus and Russian borders. Latvians are very aware of Russian expansion & excursions. The territorial threat is real with meaningful risks of war for the countries of NATO. I think we need to start talking about this and preparing the American people to honor our NATO commitments against Russian expansion into NATO countries. I believe this would reduce the risk of realization.

Handled adroitly, this could even distract Americans from political divisions and allow for greater unity.