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Marriage Equality a step closer in Texas

(Community Matters) First same sex marriage in Texas and it’s between two dear friends (Sarah Goodfriend & Suzanne Bryant) and our dearest friend Michael Mitchell issued the license!

sarah suzanne mm

Austin American Statesman story

Adler gives up on foundation funding for office staff

steve aus chron(Community Matters) It Pays to Have a Leader with the Nimbleness & Commitment to Innovation of an Entrepreneur: Reminds me of our best entrepreneurs – they’ll throw out a strawdog for comment and reply, then emerge with the best plan. About time we stir things up and try new ways in Austin, Tx. 

“I’ll be asking for three to five FTE’s [full-time equivalent employees] for rest of fiscal year that the City Manager says are available in the existing budget (at no additional new cost to taxpayers),” he texted.

(Austin Monitor: Friday, Feb 20): After hearing strong opposition from his colleagues as well as others, Mayor Steve Adler is proposing a complete revamp of his plan for additional staffing in the Mayor’s office.

Adler told the Austin Monitor Thursday that he would be pulling down his proposal to fund additional staff for the Mayor’s office through the Better Austin Foundation. Adler said he expects to have a total of nine staff members. He currently has four on his staff plus Sara Hartley, who is on loan from the public information office.

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