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You Have to Be Fast to Be Seen as a Great Leader

(Community Matters) Good HBR article

HBR good leaders fast & quick

Friends Stand Up and Speak Up

(Community Matters)Not enough people spoke out. It was a tough time, some folks were scared. Some folks were just busy. Some were indifferent. And because not enough spoke out, the line between right and wrong started blurring and shifting until a critical mass of people had crossed over. And then it was too late.” – Mayor Steve Adler at yesterday’s ADL Jurisprudence Breakfast

Dan Patrick Christs Army Cake Celebration


Mayor Adler’s comments seem especially well timed:

It’s great to be with you today, to join in honoring —— and in celebrating the mission of the Anti-Defamation League.

 We do that, today, by honoring leaders who exemplify the courage and compassion that help keep democracy healthy in good times and in tough times.

Chief Justice Wallace B. Jefferson, former Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court,

Catherine Q. Morse, General Counsel for Samsung Austin Semiconductor.

The ADL all about preserving democracy as well. And it does this by securing just and fair treatment for not only the Jewish people but, by its stated mission first written 100 years ago, to secure just and fair treatment for all people.

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Staffing of Mayor’s Office

steve aus chron(Community Matters) Proud of Mayor Steve Adler for floating a strawman then responding quickly and responsibly to public & colleagues’ input. As a result, the Mayor has pulled off the table the idea of raising civic funds through a foundation. Instead, he and the City Manager have identified unfilled and already funded City of Austin positions which can transfer to the Mayor’s office.

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