Daily Archives: 10/02/2011

HRC National Dinner

(Community Matters) Great fun at last night’s Human Rights Campaign’s National Dinner in DC. Many thanks to my host and dear friend, Andy Tobias. And, enjoyed sharing his table with Tym Matusov, Patrick Gaspard, Jeffrey Lerner, Jamie Citron, Heather, Mark Perriello and Diego Sanchez.

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Panetta Warns Israel Becoming More Isolated

(Community Matters) I agree with Defense Secretary Panetta on this.

Some see US support as at an all time high. Though while this may be true on Capitol Hill, I don’t believe it’s so within the broader American electorate (hope I’m wrong and the first prediction is right). Neither the administration nor Israel has effectively articulated why we’d spend so much capital obstructing the UN’s recognition of Palestine as a state. This risks further eroding broader electorate support in the US. Continue reading

Koch Industries

(Community Matters) Lies, bribes and other criminal behavior

Cramer Anniversary

(Community Matters) Tonight’s Sonya & Reid Cramer’s 17th Anniversary

Dio, Sonya Cohen, Reid & Gabel