(Community Matters) Quarterly.co

Steven subscribes to Scott Belsky; I subscribe to Josh Spears.

So really, what is Quarterly Co.?

Quarterly is a new way to connect with the people you follow and find interesting. We spend so much of our lives connecting with people online that we forget the value of tangible interactions that happen in the real world. Quarterly wants to bridge that gap by allowing anyone to subscribe to influential contributors and get physical items in the mail from them. It is like a magazine, but instead of receiving words on a page, our subscribers receive actual items that tell a compelling story crafted and narrated by the contributor.

How does this thing work?

Since Quarterly is a quarterly subscription service, we bill our subscribers on a recurring 3 month period and the person you are subscribed to sends you a new package every quarter. You will be billed for your subscription every 3 months until you unsubscribe. When you first sign up, your account will be in “trial” mode until your contributor’s next shipping cycle. Please note, each contributor has a different shipping date, and depending on when you sign up, you may not receive your first package for up to 3 months. Visit your contributor’s page (or your account page if you are already a subscriber) to see when you can expect your first package.

What kind of stuff will I get?

A blend of original, exclusive, and consumer items that are timeless, practical, exciting, and fly under the radar. We don’t want to fill up your house with clutter, and we’re mindful of the waste that each of us generate every day. But we also recognize that consumption isn’t inherently bad, it’s just a matter of making smarter choices about the things we surround ourselves with.

Each product should reflect on the person who selected it, and help inform your understanding of them. So maybe you’ll get the same kind of notebook that your favorite author used to plot their recent bestseller. Or maybe it’s the tea a musician was drinking while they penned a famous track. Or a secret family cold remedy an artist used while working on a masterpiece. The point is, every object—while uniquely brilliant in its function—will also have a story, and through that story take on new meaning.

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