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Joel Young

(Community Matters) I don’t have details but learned earlier today that Tim Young’s (attorney) & Trisha Young Brown’s (CEO, hospital district) son Joel Young passed away in the last few weeks. He was living in Colorado.

Joel’s older brother, Jared, passed away in late 2009


The Next Tech Wave

(Community Matters) In early Dec, I mentioned Mike Maples & Roger McNamee’s Hypernet Blog.

Mike’s recent article: Catching the Next Tech Wave in today’s AAS.


(Community Matters) Russ Gregory’s first novel, Blue, is . . . well, you won’t believe it’s a first novel. Gay mystery, complex, interwoven, multi-storied, and the setting is Austin, especially NUNA, Hyde Park & downtown. I’m sure he’s already working on the next – hoping it might be a series. I’d like to see what develops in Austin with Matt & Thatcher.

While reading this novel, I caught myself reflecting on whether or not the LGBT community shares any responsibility for the behavior of gay bashers. If most gay bashers are latent homosexuals or suffer gender identity crises, could we as a community do more for these sick people? I decided no – no we don’t share any blame for their criminal behaviors. No, undoubtedly the rhetoric of bigots who flame the hate is more to blame. Yet, I’m still thinking  . . . could we do more.

The Myth of American Decline

(Community Matters) Robert Kagan, The New Republic, “Not Fade Away: The myth of American decline”

Hat Tip: Politico Playbook

On Board or Out

(Community Matters) Huff Post: Allen West To Liberals: Get the Hell Out Of The U.S.

This especially irks me because it is vividly reminiscent of what what two men told me & Margo. We served on the steering committee of a supposedly transformational community initiative. An MLK Foundation consultant had somehow mesmerized experienced and dedicated long time community leaders. Can’t remember the consultant’s name now but the king had on no clothes. Margo & I got this and inadequately tried communicating it to the steering committee. Seriously, when you actually listened to the words of the otherwise silver tongued charlatan, they said nothing about how, just painted a compelling picture of what. After being told to get on board or resign, we resigned.


(Community Matters) Recipes from the American Academy in Rome, chef Mona Talbott revered for the simplicity & authenticity of her twice daily meals. I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy Ms Talbott’s meals a hand full of times over the last couple of years.

I’m uncertain as to the level of collaboration with Alice Waters but know there is one.  “The fifty recipes draw from the four traditional categories of Italian soups: those made with water (aqua cotta), with stock (brodo), with cream (veloute), and soups for the evening meal. The recipes are arranged by seasons.”