The Myth of American Decline

(Community Matters) Robert Kagan, The New Republic, “Not Fade Away: The myth of American decline”

Hat Tip: Politico Playbook

One response to “The Myth of American Decline

  1. Thank you for posting this Eugene. 2009 started full of promise and optimism, but then, through no fault of our own, my husband and I got caught up in the fight of our lives with our new mortgage servicer. As just an ordinary schmuck who got kicked to her knees during the President’s battle against the banks, I can say with some authority – I can see the light!

    A few months ago I had a great conversation with an economist with the Dallas Federal Reserve during their visit to Alpine. He pointed at me and said, “It’s now up to you and the other entrepreneurs to pull us out of this.”

    Now that the banks are being thumped off our backs, it’s so much easier to get back to concentrating on creating more business(es). And there’s a treasure of new technology just waiting to be put to use. It’s about to get fun again.

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