Daily Archives: 08/03/2013

Hate is Uncontrollable

Kalugin(Community Matters) “Putin is fag and the rest of it is all shit. The entire country is on its knees. We are Russians! We are working!” – Russian paratroopers shouting at police and media in St. Petersburg as a lone gay activist is whisked away by police, preventing the paratroopers from beating him.

Ironic that these paratroopers are turning the hate and nationalism President Putin unleashed back on him. For him, I doubt it’s anything more than thuggish attempts to deflect criticism as he & his friends loot the country and trample human rights.

Hat Tip: Towelroad

Jerusalem Gay Pride

jerusalem gay pride 2013(Community Matters) Significant progress that all went smooth without bombs, violent counter protests and no more than 150ish ultra-orthodox protesters this year. 

Steven for People’s Community Clinic

(Community Matters) Not sure I was aware this video was on YouTube. One of my favorite pieces – rather four of my favorite pieces.

He originally performed this at a Four Seasons fundraising luncheon. This video seems to be from the subsequent People’s staff retreat.

ALLGO – Essex

(Community Matters) Looking forward to tonight’s ALLGO event