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San Antonio Councilmember Chan

chan(Community Matters) and a former aide recorded her raging against gays, lesbians and transgendered – calling us disgusting. She and her, then, chief of staff openly discussed framing their objections in a way that would disguise their personal animus but that would play well to her political base. The San Antonio Express News published an editorial and a column about it. They’ve included a link to the recordings.

SW Key & East Austin College Prep

(Community Matters) I had lunch this week with an old friend who I haven’t seen in ages, Elizabeth Gonzales. Elizabeth is a board member of SW Key and East Austin College Prep. She’s absolutely convinced both do outstanding work (while acknowledging the growing pains at the school). I’ve mentioned before in previous postings that when I toured SW Key facilities in Dallas and Houston in the early 90s, I was impressed with their work. I even helped them secure a sizable bank line of credit. Elizabeth also assures me Juan doesn’t have any equity interests in vendors or contractors doing business with SW Key or the school.

A couple of months ago, I had lunch with Leo Ramirez who’s gone to work for Juan Sanchez. I have incredible respect for Leo and his integrity. And, today Leo told me his dad might be doing some work for the school. For those who don’t know, Mr. Ramirez is legendary. He was a math teacher in McAllen who nurtured, cajoled and mentored many Valley students to go on to Ivy League colleges.

Where am I at with SW Key & East Austin College Prep? I’d like to believe the boards have thoroughly vetted the concerns about lack of financial transparency. I’m impressed that Elizabeth, Leo and his dad are involved. I remain sympathetic to the concerns expressed by parents and past & current employees to me directly or through this blog. I am encouraged but not yet endorsing nor willing to support funding.

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Militarization of Local Security?

cop florida(Community Matters) Article on police overreach in Pensacola . We’re investigating the same here in Austin. The stories out of Marfa are increasingly epic – rogue sheriff, sheriff’s deputy and border guards. A federal judge intervening in NYC. NSA overreach. I’m not sure what exactly is going on. I know most of these men & women risk their lives daily and have society’s best interests at heart.

Our 23 yo nephew from Pensacola sent me the article asking what I thought might be going on? Perhaps systematically, we’re pushing just too far toward militarization of local & domestic security. The weakening of checks & balances leads to overreach.