Daily Archives: 08/10/2013

Forbes: Austin Tops Future Job Growth List

forbest best worst cities(Community Matters) Are we investing to preserve our quality of life and affordability in the face of unstoppable growth? 

Forbes: Austin earned No. 1 status thanks to an annual job growth of 4 percent, a median income just under $60,000, and an unemployment rate of 5.5 percent, while also wooing companies like Facebook, Apple, AT&T and, of course, Google Fiber.

People are flocking to Austin to take advantage of companies hiring and the city’s cool reputation. The metro boasts a net migration rate that is the third fastest in the country over the past five years. Population growth is triple the national average and that helps fuel demand for services in the area. Austin ranks No. 14 on our list of the Best Places for Business and Careers and only thing preventing a higher showing are business and living costs that exceed the national average.

White Lodging Waiver

white lodging protest(Community Matters) Good outcome in the City’s White Lodging decision. White Lodging’s argument is bullshit. Two years ago they were debating whether or not they would accept the waiver, understanding that the prevailing wage requirement could exceed the waiver amount. Appears they sought and received a soft escape by cajoling a bureaucrat who was leaving to form an engineering & design firm which would be selling into the industry asking for the favorable interpretation.