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Liz Cheney

liz chaney(Community Matters) Think about it – Liz Cheney, a candidate willing to toss the rights of her sister (or even at least publicly) to get elected. Geez. I don’t really get why folks make these Faustian bargains for political office but suppose it’s their definition of power & prestige.

Politico Playbook: 2014 WATCH – “Mary Cheney Criticizes Her Sister on Same-Sex Marriage,” by N.Y. Times’ Jonathan Martin : “Mary Cheney, the younger sister of Liz Cheney, a Wyoming Senate candidate, sharply criticized her sister’s stance on same-sex marriage and urged her own Facebook friends to share the message. Posting on Facebook on Friday evening, Mary Cheney, who is gay and married her longtime partner last year, wrote: ‘For the record, I love my sister, but she is dead wrong on the issue of marriage.’ Their father … supports same-sex marriage … Earlier Friday, Liz Cheney revealed her position on same-sex marriage, a topic she has kept relatively quiet about since declaring her candidacy in July against incumbent Senator Mike Enzi, Republican of Wyoming.

“‘I am not pro-gay marriage,’ Liz Cheney said in a statement responding to an apparent push poll against her in Wyoming. ‘I believe the issue of marriage must be decided by the states, and by the people in the states, not by judges and not even by legislators, but by the people themselves.” … Liz Cheney’s stance underlines the degree to which full-throated support for same-sex marriage, even in a libertarian-leaning state like Wyoming, still poses a political risk in a Republican primary. Mr. Enzi opposes legalizing same-sex marriage.” http://nyti.ms/170Cs19

Mephistopheles always collects. 

Steven’s Pages

(Community Matters) An uniterruptable practice, is Steven’s writing his daily pages. I’m not always invited to read but these were just too beautiful not to – and he let me. Even bigger deal he’s letting me share these.

any surprise why I love this guy more & more nearly every day?


My Parents

(Community Matters) With Mom & Dad at the HRC Gala in 1996 (I think) when I received the Bill Ramsey Award (kna the Bettie Naylor Award)

 It’s also the year Bettie Naylor was cruising my mother. When I explained she was my mother, Bettie asked me to distract my father.

Happy Birthday, Kirk Rudy

(Community Matters) 

Happy Birthday, Kirk

O kirk es Michigan-Chicago 051

in Chicago night of 2008 election

I consider Kirk one of my best friends . . . but he once wrote me this note: “I just saw a report that they’ve closed all the beaches around Cape Cod because of sightings of several Great White sharks. I think it’s a government scare tactic. Would you mind going to take a dip in order to determine the truthfulness of the story?” sent from my iPad  – just saying