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Middle East Travel

(Community Matters) Hmm, Steven just asked me how does the potential bombing of Syria impact our trip in two weeks to Israel & Jordan – good question. I need to get working on this.

Russ Gregory’s Greg Honey

greg honey(Community Matters) Greg Honey – Drag queens, two-bit gangsters & interlopers target a West-Austin society party hosted by a character based on Ft. Stockton/Austinite Jane Sibley’s family. The estate described is eerily similar to that of a now local, former Silicon Valley titan. Russ’ second book is fun, suspenseful and Texas-character rich, even if you have to wade through the messiness of a first chapter, bitchy queen cliche explosion. It’s worth the trudge. I loved winding through Central Austin, losing panties on a bronze Bevo, hanging at Zachary Scott Theatre and listening as the matriarch gives it to Governor Rubber Sheets. Couldn’t put my friend Russ Gregory’s book down.


(Community Matters) Our dear friend Allison Orr is a powerful choreographer – probably among the most powerful because it’s all about empowering others through the motion of their work. Her company is Forklift Danceworks. Hopefully you saw her work TRASH Dance. Now see lineman in motion – PowerUP. Sept 21 & 22. Original score by Graham Reynolds, conducted by Peter BayIt’s free but you need reservations – here.


Waller Center

(Community Matters) Very intrigued by this development. Such great opportunities to tie together so many unique features of Austin and its differentiating cultures. Imagine the development w/ consideration for Jane Jacob’s clock.


Graham Reynolds & Golden Arm Trio

(Community Matters) Three sets this coming Thursday at the Dive Bar.



Texarkana Gazette

(Community Matters) It’s disappointing to read that members of the Fourth Estate continue to promote discrimination against LGBT Americans and Texans. It’s cowardly to hide behind a statement about whether marriages are recognized in a particular state. We expect more out of the profession of journalism – at least the courage to state one’s true position.

A gay Texarkana couple’s request for a wedding announcement was denied by a local newspaper (Texarkana Gazette) his week on the grounds that the paper only includes ‘marriages that are recognized by the states in which it circulates.