Daily Archives: 09/15/2013


(Community Matters) Excellent trip to Des Moines w/ Mayor Castro & Congressman Castro. Enjoyed meeting and chatting w/ Senator Harkin and met lots of his Iowa staff, organizers and supporters at his major donor dinner. Last night we hosted new friends in my hotel room for a boxing match watching party. This morning, we met with Hispanic political leadership and spent the afternoon at the Steak Fry, where Mayor Castro shared the stage with the Senator and Vice President Biden.

I’m blown away by the Castro brothers’ popularity in Iowa. Joaquin arrived at the fair grounds with the Senator & Mayor in the VP’s motorcade and since he wasn’t speaking, joined the crowd – they literally rushed him, jockeying for pictures. Everywhere we’ve gone, Joaquin and Julian have been stopped, approached, grabbed for pics – and it isn’t only Hispanics and young voters. I’m appreciative they are both traveling the country, campaigning for the best Democratic candidates.

Des Moines-strategy


Bummed I didn’t get someone else to take this picture so I could be in it. Seems like it’ll be prophetic – first Castro strategy meeting in Iowa.