Daily Archives: 11/08/2013

Canceling of Plans Under Obamacare

tea party obamacare(Community Matters) The rollout of the federal website is indictable; best practices, even standard practices were ignored. As to health insurance going forward, my personal experience is a 43% reduction in EF’s health care insurance premiums quoted just last week.

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College Republicans Win in Virginia

Ken Cuccinelli(Community Matters) A friend has long talked about Rs out organizing on college campuses in Virginia. Ken Cuccinelli beat McAuliffe by 6 points among 25 – 29 year olds?  This represents an extraordinary vulnerability for progressive politics. A candidate who tries to criminalize oral sex, challenges the legitimacy of social security, medicaid, the dept of education . . . winning among college students?

Silverton Partners Raise New $75mm Fund

silverton(Community Matters) Bill, Morgan and Kip raise a new $75mm fund for Austin startups.