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New Republic: Clinton and Warren

clinton warren(Community Matters) New Republic: Hillary’s Nightmare? A Democratic Party That Realizes Its Soul Lies With Elizabeth Warren

I’m afraid we’ve jumped to a sexist frame female leaders all too often have to contend with – the bitchy cat fight. I don’t trust the media to report on the relationship between celebrities, even less between two females.

Warren confidants note that the Senator signed a letter urging Clinton to run in 2016. And they are stressing that they didn’t seed the New Republic story..

Regardless, to avoid any potentially debilitating primary fights & because it’s what our country needs now, Secr. Clinton should articulate how she will aggressively pursue those gaming the system regardless of size, economic clout or pedigree, and that she’ll aggressively address climate change. The middle class, the poor and this planet have nearly collapsed under the rising inequality now inherent in our political system. Criminal investigation tools should be deployed in unearthing collusion between industry, politicians and agencies/regulatory bodies.