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Some Favorite Christmas Cards

(Community Matters) loved ’em all, especially pics of families and kids – and especially stood out these four creative ones.

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I’ve been so bad for 3 years now – hope to send Xmas cards again starting this year.

Marfa New Years in Out & About

122511cosmico_7_1246955a_1(Community Matters) I love that Michael Barnes captures so many snippets from some of our guests over the 5 – 6 days of Marfa New Years – in Out & About

Marfa New Years included Saturday night (12/28) at the Gage in Marathon, dinner at their restaurant, well taken care of by Chef Mike Alvarez; Sunday: excursion through Big Bend, into Boquillas, Mexico for green chili enchiladas & cold cervezas (the border crossing had been closed after 9/11 until this year), then  into Terlinqua, then finally to Marfa, checking into Hotel Paisano (well, our guests checking in at least – we just a block over); Monday:  hiking to the summit of Mt. Livermore (the highest mountain in the Davis Mountains @ 8.3k feet), and a Star Party at the McDonald Observatory, Jon serenading us in the Rock Hudson Suite & terrace (which we opened up for 4 nights as Marfa NYE central); Tuesday: a few took private tours of Chinati and Judd, Julie Speed hosted a private gallery reception for us, then of course the New Years Eve party in the Rock Hudson; Wed: a lazy NY day of hanging, playing cards, playing banana gram, visiting Dick & Janie’s epic day event; Thursday the 2nd: many good byes, wrapping it all up – the remaining 8 of us having dinner at Padres after a reception MPR hosted in my honor for two years as president & ceo (thank you especially to Ginger & Tom Michael). In a vulnerable moment, may I admit being seriously touched by the 50+ guests who attended at the end of a long week. It was sometimes a tough two years and we made epic progress in Midland/Odessa, digitally, staffing, with 2 new towers in the Big Bend region and in programming & news. 

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